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Mens Blue Overcoat

mens Overcoats/topcoat are one among the most important men's winter garments. They are the outerwear that we wear over the outfits to keep ourselves warm during the cold days. The overcoats is said to be one of the oldest style of menswear that had managed to carry on with zero to minimal changes in design till date. While there may be slight functional changes that comes with evolution of lifestyle with time, the basic structure of the garment remains the same. In some styles there are almost no changes and the old styles have been retained till now to give it a original feel.

Mens-Dress-Coat-Black This may be because of the fact that the overcoats like many other men's garments have their origin in military. They were first designed for the officers and soldiers who had to fight in the field and sea. These people often had to fight off adverse weather conditions and so these garments were provided to them so that they can keep warm. This was the time at which the waterproof fabrics were also introduced which was a revolutionary find at that time. Because of the new water repellent fabric the prize of these garments were pretty high at that time and was first only afforded by officers in high ranks. Later due to their versatile use they became a coveted one by all the soldiers. long black mens Trench coats are one of the most important styles at the war times and their provisions that were customised for the military like epaulettes and D rings made it an asset in the field. They even had the provision so that they can be bundled and used as a pillow. So soldiers fighting in the trenches were issued this overcoats and soon it was widely known by the name. When the war got over the soldiers returned home but continued to wear these styles which soon picked up among the civilians. Even though today we do not have requirements for the war provisions on these overcoats they still come with the same details, for example trench coats still have epaulettes and D rings. Epaulettes at that time were used to display the rank of the officer and D rings to latch on some provision of choice like maps or bombs.

Nowadays these overcoats while still being used for the purpose of warmth are also widely being used as fashion wear. We can see people rocking the style even in the warmer months of spring and even summer when you most definitely would not want a outerwear. Whether it be for the original purpose of warding off the cold or simply as a fashion wear there are some details you will have to keep in mind while purchasing the men's overcoats.

The first important thing that you will have to decide on is the fabric. Wool is the most famous one when it comes to overcoats. This may be because of the fact that they are easily available and also are very durable. You can choose among the varied thickness of overcoats available so that it matches your requirement. They are also reasonably priced unlike the Cashmere coats. The Cashmere overcoats are softer and more comfortable than the woollen ones but come with a hefty price. They are also not sturdy and can wear out fast. But Cashmere is a luxury fabric and it is all about the looks. Wool can never beat the luxurious and rich look that the Cashmere overcoats offer and therefore it may be best to buy Cashmere ones if you already have a daily wear overcoat and reserve it for only special occasions. Another option is to go for blends which have the best characteristics of both the fabrics. The main advantage of this type is that the price of the material is greatly reduced when compared to the 100% ones and therefore is a great choice for budget purchases.

Men-Khaki-Wool-Overcoats The next thing you will have to note is the color of the overcoat. This directly is influenced by the purpose of the garment and the season at which you are going to wear it. Now if you are thinking of using the overcoat with only casual settings it may be best to go with lighter colors. They look great in natural light and thus best to be worn when sun shines to some degree. Another advantage with lighter colors is that they provide the best canvas for patterns. Thus you can try out some patterns like windowpanes and plaids which may be a good choice. When you are thinking of using the tan overcoat for like all purpose use both with formal and casual outfits then it may be better to with some classic colors like black, navy blue and charcoal so that you can pair them easily with any outfits.

Blue is one of the best colors when it comes to men's overcoats. It is one of the most versatile color which can pair with almost all of the colors and hence may be best choice to coordinate with your existing wardrobe. As for mens plaid overcoats you will have to select a color that goes well since you will have to wear it over the outfits every day and hence blue may be one of the sensible choices. Also blue is a widely accepted color when it comes to formal wears. You can wear a blue overcoat with almost any suit colors and this gives you a elegant look regardless of the suit color. Also blue looks good with any colors and therefore is a foolproof choice when it comes to casual outfits too. You can wear a nice pair of jeans and T-shirt and put on a overcoat and immediately the style factor is increased by a great time.

There are also varying lengths available in these overcoats and you can select the one that suits your need. We would recommend you to go with the long overcoats since with it you will have the option of altering it.