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Mens Short Overcoat

Overcoats are one of the most incredible men's winter garments and there is no doubt that the fashion has spread widely among all generations. If you aren't ready to tackle the winter without freezing off in terms of your wardrobe collection then now may be the right time to get it back on track. It is always better to start shopping for the season before you go well into the said season and the same is true for winter. There are an array of styles which you can comfortably choose from and for this you will need some guidance to decide upon one.

Now as said before tweed overcoats has become famous among all generations not only as a functional garment but equally popular as a fashion wear too. Overcoats are basically outerwear and are coats that are worn over the outfits on a chilly day to ward off the cold. But nowadays they have progressed the stage as only being winter garments and are spotted in the warmer months of the spring and sometimes even summer. This is because of the fact that they give you a proper elevated look even when worn v-neck t-shirt and jeans and thus are the best choices inorder to dress up.

white-over-coat If you are keeping this versatility of the overcoats in mind then the right option for you is to go with wool fabrics. Since the overcoats are an outerwear the basic purpose of it is warmth and therefore selection of the perfect fabric matters. Now the white overcoats are available mostly in thick fabrics like wool, cashmere and tweed those which fabrics have good insulation properties. Among them wool is the most popular option and about 90% percent of the coats you see in the market will most probably be of wool fabric. What makes this fabric so desirable is the readily available characteristic and also its durability. Also the price of the fabric is reasonable unlike the luxury ones like Cashmere. Also the weaves available in wool are many and this allows for variety in the making. Since the fabric is durable and also comparitively cheap they are the best ones to get for daily wear which is the one that is most required by all generations. We still haven't progressed to a stage where we have a neat collection of overcoats separately for different occasions and for most men one or two overcoats does the job thus making the mens red wool overcoats popular. Also the wool overcoats come in varied thickness and thus is best to be used as fashion wear too. You can get one with less thickness using it with layers in the winter and then using it as fashion wear in spring and summer.

Most of men confuse overcoats with Topcoats and reasonably so. The basic structure of both the styles is the same, the one difference being the material from which they are made. Topcoats unlike the overcoats are made from lighter materials and mostly only used as fashion wear than as winter garment.

black Black-Long-Length-Coat When it comes to overcoats there are mainly two different lengths - full length ones and 3/4 lengths. The full length overcoats tend to reach up to the knee and sometimes even a few inches below it. 3/4 lengths of overcoats are shorter and end somewhere near the thigh portion. If you are buying a 3/4 length overcoat then regardless of your height it shouldn't reach your knee portion and end few inches above it. There are no right lengths when it comes to big and tall trench coat overcoats and it purely depends on the wearer's choice and preference. Men who are very tall tend to look balanced in a full length overcoat. If you are of medium height then 3/4 length overcoats will make the cut.

big-and-tall-trench-coat-overcoats The overcoats if you don't know already have their origins from military designs as of many men's garments. They were first designed for the officers in the army and navy so that they are not greatly affected by the adverse weather conditions in their military life. That was the time when the waterproof fabrics were first introduced in the market and you can imagine the demand that the fabric would have. Even the high rank military officials were rumoured to spend one or two of their monthly pays to afford these overcoats. At the start the one wearing a overcoat immediately was recognised high in rank and thus for some time served as a status symbol. Then thanks to mass production these coats were distributed for even the soldiers fighting in the trenches. These coats had many provisions like epaulettes and D rings that came in handy while fighting in the fields and trenches. Also they can be bundled in a way that they can be used as pillow. Thus it was greatly favored by soldiers in the trenches and this is how long black mens trench coats got its name.

As for the length of the overcoats in the military it had varying ones. While the army design was long and had slits that allowed for free movement that was not the case with navy. The overcoats in the navy were cut short and were thicker. These short overcoats design kept in mind the free movement of the sailors on board the ship. The sailors tend to move more and duties like climbing the masts cannot be comfortably done if the overcoats aren't short. One such popular design of short overcoats that even today is popular in the market is the peacoats.

Nowadays there are many designs of short overcoats and you can select one that mens dress suits your taste and purpose. Short overcoats are versatile and can be worn both with formal and casual outfits. If you live in a place were the winter isn't too harsh, then short overcoats must be your choice. Also short overcoats tend to work well for men of medium height and also the short ones. You can visit our site and select the style according to your height and size.