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Mens Wool Overcoat Camel

Double-Breasted-Navy-Wool-OvercoatOvercoats with changing times have become one of the most sought after fashion garments and passed the status of being only a functional wear. More and more young people are starting to recognize the elegance and the style that comes with these long garments and have started adopting the style to a great degree. This increasing popularity also means there are new diverse styles introduced regularly concerned with the garment. Now whether you are purchasing an mens black wool overcoat purely for a functional use or for a fashion use there are some basic things you will have to know about the selection of the garment.

mens-black-wool-overcoat Overcoats when it first started out were designed to keep the wearer warm from the cold and other adverse weather conditions. Overcoats if you already do not know come under the category of outerwear and as the name suggests is worn over the outfits be it casual or formal. As per the selection you can wear it for any occasion given that it is appropriate. Thedouble breasted pea coat overcoats camel that are used for warding off the cold are made of very thick garments like wool, fur and tweed which is known to have good insulation properties. There are also lighter coats available with less thickness that can make do for mild winters.

Topcoats are another category of coats that are often confused with overcoats. As said before the overcoats are mostly for functional purpose and hence they are always made of heavy materials. But Topcoats are not for functional purposes and these coats are often made of lightweight material. These are the type of coats that you can wear comfortably even in the warmer months of summer and spring. Overcoats also can be worn in mildly warmer months but you will have to select the thickness of the coat as such.

The one major thing that helps you while shopping for overcoats is their color. It is one of the most important thing when it comes to the purpose of the overcoats. Now if you are thinking of using the overcoats only for a professional use like for office and meetings then you may need to strictly stick with the classic color choices like black, navy and charcoal. But if you are thinking of using it with both formal and casual clothes then you can also try out lighter colors like tan, beige and shades of grey for a more versatile use.

Now one other color that is very famous in overcoats is the camel. You would have already seen enough number of models and celebrities sporting the color and there is no need for convincing on its elegant and stylish look. Now when you go for purchasing you may be tempted to stick with the classic color choices. But most of the men do not incline of having a wardrobe full of double breasted pea coat overcoats or overcoats designated according to the events. Thus one for all approach is what is preferred by most men and no other color does it better than camel.

Camel looks so convincing because of its shade. The color looks neutral but is not monotonous. Now the key to rocking this camel overcoats is selecting the right shade. Unfortunately only some stores house the authentic shade that you see the models wearing on the runways. Many others sell a substandard one that is more bordering on yellow more than camel. Therefore take some time and identify the right shade that looks perfect.

The main benefit with camel is that they look good with almost all colors. Also they are insanely versatile and thus you can wear them with formals and casuals. When it comes to colors basic concept is that the darker tones look good in winters when the lighting is low while the brighter and lighter colors look good during summer and spring. Since camel here is a neutral tone it looks good at all seasons thus making it a good pick for your budget shopping. Also camel gives out a elegant look that works good for formals but at the same time has a cool and chic look that makes it look extraordinary when paired with even jeans and t-shirts. Also camel is your best pick when it comes to effortlessly dressing up even in your casual clothes.

When it comes to mens black wool overcoats camel, wool was and still is one of the most sought after fabric. What many do not know is that there was once a time at which this famous wool fabric was replaced by another fabric which is camel hair. This was the time of war and because of it the wool was in short supply. So the designers and clothing manufacturers resorted to using the camel hair for the making of the outerwear. Also this camel hair had good insulation properties which helped to a great deal.

After the economy was restored, the wool was back in stock and most of them returned back to using wool and cashmere for the outerwear. Also there were people who were against using animal hairs and soon the practice fell out. But the color stuck on since they thought it looked pretty on the fluffy fabrics even if it is wool. Also in its short time the camel hair also entered military styles and was in some places the uniform of the officers. Therefore the color prevailed especially among the war time garments like the trench coats and peacoats which became popular among the civilians.

Nowadays camel colored coats are available in every design be it the car coats, sports coat or even casual jackets with hoods. After the color another main thing you will have to note is the fit of the overcoats. If you are thinking of wearing it with layers then get a slightly bigger fit otherwise you can go with coats in slim fit. Also there are varying lengths of mens long leather overcoats camel available. There are long ones which can look good on tall persons and also shorter lengths are also available.