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Roaring 20s Costume

The mens Roaring 20s costume, saw the dawn of a new era in America and Europe reflecting a buoyant, light-hearted, spirited mood. A bustling post-war economy, the exuberance of the Jazz age, and new industrial and technological advancements and civil liberties led to a palpable sense of optimism, enthusiasm and possibility. Jazz, increased entertainment options and changes in style hummed along whimsically like big band orchestras on a stage. 

The Roaring 20s was a time in men’s fashion that heralded new variety in the arena of men’s clothing. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “ The Great Gatsby” was highly influential in the world of style, impacting the style imagination like never before. The world it depicted stoked the desires and appealed to the fancier aspirations of society and celebrated a seemingly effortless elegance, opulence and finery. Silent picture stars and the beginnings of paparazzi birthed celebrity culture, also giving rise to the glamour, sophistication and seduction that helped visually shape and define this period irrevocably.


The 1920s was an early game changer for fashion. Menswear was decidedly classic and ranged in both tone and expression, especially as the decade spanned. Slim-fitting suiting was adopted in the early half of the 20s, while the latter half saw men moving into more relaxed, lounge suits. Cuffed trousers and wide-legged pants also first made their appearance on the scene.

When it comes to roaring 20s costumes, there are many great to choose from. Whether you’re attending an awards season party, dressing up for halloween, or your best friend or company is throwing a 20s themed bash, we’ve got you covered!


Simply select your james bond costume archetype: The banker/clerk/accountant; the wealthy/successful businessman; the working class man; the business class man; the bugsy/gangster; the dandy/gentleman; the barbershop quartet/musician; and the bartender. Plenty of playful fun and flair in each to go around and you’re sure to be a hit, no matter which you pick!


Wealthy Successful Businessman: 

Double-Breasted Suits:


Working Class Man: 

Business Class ManWaistcoats:


Barbershop Quartet/Musician:

The Bartender:

Wingtips, Spectators, Brogues and Boots sealed the deal.

Boaters, Trilby, Flatcap, Newsboys, Page boys, Homburgs, Fedoras, Panamas and Top Hats 

Striped ties, Bowties smartened things up.

Suspenders, pocket watches, arm bands, long fringe scarves, walking canes, french cuffs, collar bars put the finishing touches on your roaring 20s costume.