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James Dean Costume

There are a few prominent figures in Hollywood that will have style influence like James Dean. He was the Hollywood bad boy of his time which was in the mid 1900s. Though his life was cut short to just 24 years his styles are even now relevant and there are some tips that you can take from his style when you need a modernised look. In this article we discuss the James Dean costume and how you can incorporate it into your daily life style or for any of the costume parties.

James Dean was at the height of stardom at his time and all the styles that he wore were different from the usual ones of that time. His natural charisma paired with his accomplished acting style gathered a lot of fans for him at that time. As for the dressing style James Dean took a relaxed approach when compared with the formal styles of his co actors of that time. He was known to appear to his casting interviews with torn jeans or shirtless with old jeans. The laid back style of the Dean costume was a new look at that time. The dishevelled appearance of the dean costume paired with the casual method acting of the actor gave him a aura of masculinity and sensitivity. The reason why James dean was considered to be a prominent figure of all times is because of the fact that his style was new and bold at the time when the actors were used to the formal styling of suits and tuxedos.

If you are dressing for a costume party or simply would love to take inspiration from the stylish man like James dean then here are some ideas that might help you in the process. The jackets were the main item in the Dean costume that you can take note on. All the jackets that he wore were of lightweight nature and aided for the casual look that he sported. For a easily recognisable James Dean costume you can go with a red Harrington which he wore at his famous film rebel without a cause. Other than his on screen presence James dean also impressed with the attire that he wore in his daily life. Thus the suede jackets are one of the best when it comes to rocking a casual dean costume. He used to pair these bomber jacket dean costume with t-shirt and jeans but the way he rocked this simple style with confidence is the major point to note. Other than the lambskin jacketJames dean costume you can also try out the leather biker jacket with fur collar style that he helped popularise at that time.

Apart from the jackets another major item that you should consider is the t-shirts. He was well known to rock the white t-shirt style and no other man is known to have done more justice for the garment than James Dean. This was a great deal at that time since the t-shirts were considered to be simply undergarments rather than a garment that you can wear as the main piece. But this changed when James dean was seen sporting t-shirts as a main garment in the film a street car named desire. He continued to rock the t-shirt style in his upcoming films too. T-shirts are a staple item when you want to go with dean costume style and can be a wise choice since it is a versatile garment that you can pair with a variety of combining garments. He loved the t-shirts for the simple and easy look and paired them mostly with denim. For a classic dean costume style you can pair the white t-shirt with a straight cut, high rise denim ( Preferably Levi) and then pair the outfit with tough leather boots. Which ever the style you choose whether be it the t-shirt or the boots make sure it is simple and consists of minimal detailing.

As for the fit of the t-shirt here is the place where you can show the authenticity of the James dean costume. Make sure you go with slim cut t-shirts which are not very body fitting and then you can add accessories like black leather watch or a pair of sunglasses to aid the laid back look that you are aiming for.

The polo shirts are another important piece to note when it comes to following fashion James dean costumes. James dean used to rock the polo shirts with trousers and a cigarette loosely hanging from the mouth. As for the color of the shirts he used to wear both the light and dark colored ones and hence you can choose the one that will suit your taste the best.

For a classy style you can go with the black Dean costume by pairing the black polo shirt with black high rise trousers that replicate the vintage look of the season. You can wear the polo T-shirt tucked in or tucked out as per your style. Other than this you can also go with the navy dean costume by pairing the navy polo T-shirt with black trousers and classic loafers. Other than this you can opt for the light colored ones for summer style like the grey dean costume or tan James dean costume.

For winter style of dean costume you can opt for the sweaters of his style. For a classic dean costume style you can pair the neutral toned jumper with a v neck T-shirt and a pair of chinos or denim jeans. If v neck is not your style then you can go with the crew neck T-shirt style. For a formal look you can style the blazers as per the James dean style. Brown dean costume which consists of two contrasting style of blazer and trousers is a good style. As for the fit of the costume you can go with the James dean big and tall costume for a comfortable style.