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Blues Brothers Costume

With the Halloween nearing you may be on the lookout for the possible scary and sometimes stylish Halloween costumes. While there are a lot of options in recent times there is something about the vintage references that makes the outfit special. Starting from the Ghostbusters there are a lot of classic references you can make in your Halloween costumes. In this article we introduce to one of the possible Halloween costumes you can try out which is the blues Brothers costume.

Burgundy Blazer If you are a fan of the legends then you would love the reference but if you are not aware then the blues Brothers are an blues and revivalist band from America and started out in 1978. The members consisted of the comedians Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi and this started out for the musical sketch segment of the Saturday Night Live. The two comedians fronted the band and performed while in character. The band had well known musicians and there was even a film called the blues Brothers that came out in 1980. Even after the death of Belushi the band continued to perform with guest singers and did a world tour in 1998.

While the blues Brothers were well known for their songs and comedy another thing that they gathered a lot of attention is for the costumes that they wore. The classic look if the blues costume comprises of a black suit and white long sleeve dress shirt and skinny long black ties. While the band was famous in itself the blues costume acquired even more attention when the 1980 the blues brothers movie came out. It became insanely popular in which the main characters Jake and Elwood blues go out of their way to safe an orphanage. The film even now is considered to be a cult classic with a lot of young fans.

The blues brothers costume is one of the favorite costumes for many people since the look is simple to recreate. You can easily assemble this outfit by going through your existing wardrobe and picking out the clothes. By going with the blues brothers costume this Halloween you can save the money and also go with the classic look.

Pink Blazer
The blues costume is a good look for men who would still like to remain decent with their outfits even for Halloween. If you are a person for whom the orange suit of the joker might not work even for Halloween then it is best for you to go with brothers costumes. By going with the stage Brothers costume you are simply going with a black suit and thus you might get the subtle look you are trying for.

Now for styling the blues brothers costume the most important thing is to focus on the details. For a classic and easy look go with a nicely fitted black suit and pair it with a long sleeve white dress shirt. As for the accessories it is best go with a skinny black tie and black boots. As for the footwear you can also swap the black boots with a black and white wingtip shoes. This is the basic outfit but you might wonder what is the difference of this outfit when compared to the one that you wear to the formal events like black tie events. This is where the details of the outfit comes in.

The blues costume can never be complete without a black fedora hat. Other than this you can also go with wayfarer style sunglasses and in the film they wear rayon sunglasses. You can choose the one that you feel comfortable with or simply go with the one that you already have in your wardrobe collection.

The black blues costume is the most accurate one that you can go with. But if you are bored with the black blues Brothers costume style then you can change it a little with other colors. Navy blues costume or burgundy blues costume might also work since they have a dark shade to them. By going with these colored blues costume then you can stick with the original look without straying away too much.

But if you are looking for a style that would make you stand out from the crowd then you can go with fashion blues costumes like hot pink blues costume or maroon blues costume. These bright colored blues costume still have the appeal and are best suited for the festive atmosphere and thus if you need a party blues costume then you can go with these choices.

As for the details on the suit it is always single breasted. While the single breasted blues Brothers costume is the classic you can also go with the double breasted style if you feel comfortable in it. While you can go with variations of the suit since it is always good to experiment a little it is best to stick with the original costume idea if you want people to recognize your outfit immediately. This is because of the fact that the outfit is a simple one and thus easier to confuse. Example for the perfect styling of the blues Brothers costume is the time when lester Holt and Al Roker showed the world their inner Belushi and Aykroyd for the Halloween costume.

When you need a perfect look make sure that the black suit and the combining garments are also perfectly fitted so that they complement your body type. Other than the raybon sunglasses and black fedora hat you can also try out the other accessories. For example you can add a black belt like the one Jake blue wears in the film. You can also carry along with you a harmonica and go in for Impromptu sessions especially when people give a confused look while viewing your outfit. If you cannot be bothered such then you can west rings that comes with the names of jake or elwood.