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Mens Great Gatsby Costume

If you are a movie buff and also have a love for vintage clothing then the probabilities are high that the movie The Great Gatsby would be in your favorite list. The movie adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel came out in 2013 and has garnered a lot of appreciation till now. But apart from the stellar performance of the cast the movie is also well known for its rich wardrobe choices. This is inevitable considering it is based on the character Jay Gatsby who the author in the book describes as a clotheshorse. The movie is a great choice for Halloween or any costume party inspiration and thus in this article we discuss the Gatsby costume and how you can rock it for any event.

 Leonardo Dicaprio Suit If you have watched the film then you would have noted that not only the main character which is Jay Gatsby who has a impeccable style but also all the other supporting characters too have a distinct style. This is a great idea when you want to attend a costume party with your friends and you can simply appear as the great Gatsby costume clan. Now if you are convinced and already thinking of putting together the outfit here are some ideas that will help you through the process.

Before you decide on a costume it would be a better choice to decide on a character whose costume choices you are going with. For example if you go with the Leonardo DiCaprio Gatsby costume choice then there are a lot of options to choose from. On the other hand you can choose the character you are going to dress as by going through the already available choices in your wardrobe. Either way make sure that you will be able to resonate with the dressing choice of the character when you go with the Gatsby costume.

When you need a subtle and elegant choice the great Gatsby brown costume is one of the best. For this costume you would need a brown ?wool suit that comes with the windowpane pattern. The peak lapel great gatsby costume consists of four buttons on the jacket and a slitted breast pocket. The great Gatsby 3 piece costume is complete with a v notch vest and pleated trousers that are made of the same material as the rest of the suit. The movie is based in the 1920s thus it might be best to go with the classic leg widths for the trousers since they were the trend at that time. The single breasted Gatsby costume must be paired with a light blue French cuff dress shirt complete with a collar bar. As for the details pair the great Gatsby vested costume with a burnt orange striped tie and gold silk pocket square. A wooden walking cane with a good handle and a slicked back hair would be the perfect finishing touch to the costume.

Brown Suit Great Gatsby Suit

Another interesting suit choice would be to go with the pink great gatsby costume of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. It was the 1920s and Jay Gatsby rocked the pink suit at that time effortlessly as per the books but not without ridicule. While the notorious pink suit of Jay Gatsby only gets mentioned for a little part in the books the silver screen was quick to catch the point. For this style you need to go with the single rear vent Gatsby costume style which is a single breasted peak lapel pink suit that effortlessly exudes elegance and class. The detailing of this pink suit is perfect so as the properly replicate the 1920s style. He wears it with a matching vest, white dress shirt and flat fronted trousers.

If you are going with the Tobey Maguire gatsby costume in the same scene then you will have to go with the notch lapel great gatsby costume. Tobey Maguire plays the role of Nick Carraway and he is lesser in financial status when compared to Jay gatsby. The choice of the character's clothes mirror their social and financial status and you can note it when you pay attention to the details. He wears the same 3 piece brown suit costume as Jay Gatsby but the difference in the quality of both suits is apparent. The pants of his suit are darker than the jacket which indicates his lower financial status. He pairs the suit with a light pink cotton dress shirt which has a contrasting white collar. This removable contrasting collar on the dress shirt is another subtle indication of his social status since this was a common trend among the working class people who simply have to replace the collars that are worn out and continue using the shirt. To complete the look add a green, black, brown and orange striped tie and if possible add a watch chain dangling from one vest pocket to the other.

Brown Attire If you are more into the gangster gatsby costume then you can try out the Tom Buchanan style. The famous great gatsby double breasted costume of this man involves wearing a peak lapel blue wool suit. He wears it with a double breasted matching vest that has a high neck. The dress shirt is light blue and a maroon and black striped tie is added to the mix. To capture the essence of the gangster style of Joel Edgerton great gatsby costume complete it with a pair of large dark aviator style sunglasses.

The point with going with the great Gatsby costume is to perfectly imitate the vintage clothing style of the 1920s. To add much more refinement to your costume you can go pair the Gatsby costume with vintage style shoes. 1920s were popular for the two tined shoes. You can go with the off white great Gatsby costume and complete it perfectly with a black and white wingtip leather shoes. For a more classic choice you can go with brown leather cap toe oxford shoes.