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Mens Belted Wool Coat

When it comes to purchasing winter garments, the first thing that pops in our mind is the overcoats. There are different styles in the overcoats but most of us tend to choose the classic style of the overcoats. But in recent times, you might have noted that one of the styles that are greatly popular now – belted wool coats. The belts on the coats have made them more special and give it a cool look. The belts on the coats is a classic style which is often found on the trench coats. There are different ways in which you could style the mens belted wool coats. If you are new to the belted coats style and want some tips on it then you have come to the right place.

Long Dress coat The trench coat style has been in style for centuries and surprise is that they haven’t gone out of style. The belted wool coats is the perfect hybrid of both functionality and style. It could give you whatever you need from it. You can style the belted coats with both the formal and casual outfits. The presence of belts on the trench coats were because of the fact that the soldiers fighting from the trenches wanted to keep the coat close to their body to fight the cold and also to keep it from getting in the way. The D rings were used to hang the explosives and the maps. Though apart from the warmth factor, the belts do not have much use, the design is still maintained making the belted coats a truly classic style.

As we have mentioned before, there are various styles in the mens belted wool coats. Go through these styles to find the one that could work for you. Long belted wool gray coats are the ones that are usually recommended for regular use but you can also choose the shorter versions. As for the material, thick wool coats are the best for people who are looking for protection against cold. But you could also try going with the belted wool blend coats.

The people going with the wool blend coats usually do so for different reasons. If you are looking for a lighter coat than the full wool coat then we would suggest you to try out the wool cotton blend belted coats or the wool linen blend belted coats. But if you want a more comfortable and soft style that could work for the special occasions then you can try going with the wool fur blend belted coats or the wool cashmere blend belted coats. The price of the mens belted wool blend coats vary according to the material blended and also the amount blended. Find the right style that could work for your need and then make the pick.

Wool Longcoat Styling the wool belted coat is not very hard and you could do the same as the wool classic overcoats. To help you with the styling, we have compiled some of the best belted wool coat outfits.

Formal belted coat outfits

For an amazing and truly definitive look which you can style for your office, pair the navy double breasted blazer with a beige dress shirt, navy striped tie and a pair of khaki corduroy dress pants. To make this a classy ensemble fit for a gentleman like you, add with it a pair of dark brown suede casual boots. For an outfit that could make you look modern and elegant, style the brown blazer with a white dress shirt, navy striped tie and a pair of a charcoal grey dress pants. To round off the look in the right way, introduce to the outfit a tan long mens dress topcoat and a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes.

If you are a person who loves an outfit that instantly grabs attention, you can style the dark brown suit with a light blue dress shirt and a navy polka dot tie. To pull the outfit together, introduce a pair of dark green socks, dark brown leather oxford shoes and then a tan belted leather overcoat to create a tonal look. For a subtler style, you can pair the navy blue blazer with a light blue dress shirt, brown polka dot tie and a pair of grey dress pants. To complement the outfit in the perfect way, add a black belted trench coat and then a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

Blue Longcoat Smart casual belted coat outfits

In recent times, the suits have become flexible making us work it for almost all types of events. The resulting look of the suit outfits all depends on the choice of the combining garments. Thus choosing it wisely will provide an outfit that suits you. Here are some of the smart casual belted wool coat outfits to check out.

Navy suit and belted trench coats is a God made match. For a simple and easy look that consists of these basic elements of modern menswear, you can style the navy suit with a white long sleeve shirt and a white pocket square. Now to create a cool look, you can add with it a pair of black leather loafers and a tan belted wool wedding long coat. For a sardonically superior outfit that can turn heads for you, style the dark brown wool turtleneck with a pair of beige dress pants. Instead of the usual black and grey coat styles, try choosing the white belted wool dress coat for a change.

Casual belted coat outfits

For a simple yet elegant off duty look, you can style the grey sweatshirt with a pair of dark brown chinos and then a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. All you have left to include is a camel big and tall belted coat to complete the ensemble. For a more refined look, you can style the grey crew neck t-shirt with a pair of burgundy chinos and then a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots. A beige full length wool overcoat will be the best addition to the look.