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Men's Frock Coat
The Frock Men's Coat is a distinguished wear that lends a manly appearance to any wearer. This style is known to come down from the ages and belonged to the Edwardian and Victorian eras.

Structure of the Frock Coat for men

These coats are usually knee length and have buttons that run down the entire length of the coat and has a flare at the bottom. It has a double-breast and closely fitted coat that shows off the waist line clearly. The single-breasted frock Men's coats were also available that looked more informal. Like the other designer modern coats, these coats too had 2 decorative buttons at the back. The second half of the coat after the waist had a conical inverted shape because the skirt flared out gradually over the legs.

This type of frock Men's coat for men was very popular during the time of the kings and clergymen. It was considered as the appropriate business wear for people of all walks of life. However, where there was less activity the coat was taken as an evening wear also while the double-breasted coat was considered as formal attire to attend social events and dinners. Since this coat has a medieval look the accessories too were in line with the period. A bosomed shirt, a waistcoat, a neck wear and pants that were pulled up by braces were the normal set that were worn with the coats. The waist coats were made from such fabrics as fancy brocades of silk to match the fabric of the frock Men's coat.

A description of the Men's Frock Coat

It is natural that these coats were made from such fabrics that were available in that era. The common materials used were silk, cotton, wool, linen and also a special fabric that was a blend of threads of the different materials. Striped and plaid materials were also commonly used during the 60s and 70s. The double breasted coats had inner lapels that were made of woolen fabric bordered with silk thread. The trend was to have decorative and gorgeous cuffs and pockets and they used contrasting fabrics or even trimmed materials that matched the coats.

This style of coat can be compared to the slim fit coats of the modern days. The waist was suppressed to offer a great look and show off the stature of the man. The lapel and reverse collars were introduced after sometime. You can always make a difference at a gathering or event by wearing this exclusive designer Men's frock coat with certain variations that brings out your sense of fashion and style. We have a variety of such coats. So if you are interested in them, we can help you to choose the best and look awesome.