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Men's Vicuna Coats

If you are a fan of luxury clothing then you might be acquainted with an animal called vicuna which looks like a weird mix between a camel and a deer. We can tease it all we want but the world’s most expensive wool is got from these animals. Vicuna Men's coats are extremely pricey since they are also the rarest wool that is available. The vicuna is native to the Andes mountains in Peru. These animals only live in the high alpine areas of the Andes mountains and hence the rarity. If you are thinking are choosing the mens vicuna Men's coats then you should definitely read this article.

One among the reasons why the vicuna Men's coats are still popular despite it having an unreasonable price range is because of its fineness. The vicuna wool has a softness and lightness which keeps you warm but without weighing you down. The warmness is because of the fact that the wool of vicuna is naturally designed to regulate the animal’s body heat in the habitat that it lives in. The vicuna wool is obtained by shearing the coat of the animal and then the wool is spun into fibers. The vicuna wool is used for the making of many clothing, especially the winter garments like scarves, socks, jackets, coats and sometimes even suits.

Brown Coat This usage of vicuna wool by the humans is not a new technique since man has been doing it for over centuries now. The Incas who lived in the 13th to 16th century greatly treasured the vicuna wool. They considered the coat of the animal to be of pure gold and thus they usually saved the vicuna clothing for the royalty. This was a golden period for the vicunas and it is said that they were abundant in the high region of Andes mountains in Peru at that time.

The Spanish conquistadors called the vicuna as the silk of the new world when they arrived in South America during the 16th century. The Spanish unlike the Incas started hunting the vicunas using firearms. Instead of simply shearing the wool from the animals they started killing them in masses. By the mid 20th century, the vicunas became an endangered species and there were only about 6000 vicunas in total. The Peruvian government began preservation steps by implicating strict conservation efforts. Though the count of the vicunas have considerably increased in the 21st century, it still is rare thus making the vicuna Men's coat price only to climb. The vicuna wool cost is about $400 per kilo while cashmere is only $80 per kilo. This makes the best vicuna wedding coats a luxury item that everyone covets.

Winter Coat Other from the rarity of the animal itself, the wool on its coat takes a long time to grow which further makes it rare. The coat sometimes can take up to 3 years to grow and a single vicuna only produces half a kilogram of wool per year. But the fineness of the vicuna wool is unparalleled with the fiber only measuring about 12 microns. Also the vicuna coats make incredible winter wear with the warmth that they provide. As for the color of the vicuna Men's coats, they come in beige or pale white shade which only makes it look more luxurious.

If you are thinking about getting the vicuna Men's coats then you first have to go through the vicuna Men's coat collections available. Usually people prefer to choose the long coat style but you could also choose the stylish ones like the peacoat or the trench coat. You could search the web with options like vicuna Men's coats near me. This might list you the offline stores and online sites that have the vicuna coats for sale. Make sure that you find the quality one since the price you are going to pay for it is definitely not small. If you consider the price to be too expensive then you can choose the fake ones. These might resemble the vicuna coats but would not offer the same level of softness and comfort to the wearer. If you are insisting of checking out the styles manually before you buy them vicuna coat stores are the best choice.

Styling of the vicuna Men's coats

Wool Coat Though they are available in different shades, the lighter colors are the ones that are most associated with the vicuna Men's coats. Enough with the black and navy coats in your wardrobe. It is time for a new addition and we would recommend the lighter off white shades. The light colored vicuna Men's coats would offer a sophisticated look for your whole outfit. Here are some of the vicuna color coat outfits that you could try out.

For an easy style that almost anyone could pull off, you could style the vicuna camel coat with a white turtleneck and a pair of dark green chinos. To make the outfit look awesome, include a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots and dark brown sunglasses. For a more formal look which you can style for the special occasions like wedding and such, you can pair the camel vicuna coat mens with a white dress shirt, black printed tie and a navy suit. A pair of dark brown leather dress shoes would be able to provide a dressed up and elegant look for your outfit.

If you are thinking of styling the vicuna coat with the casual garments then here are some ideas. Starting with a smart casual look, style the light grey suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and a light grey casual vicuna Men's coat. This awesome look can be completed by adding with it a pair of burgundy leather dress shoes. If you are used to the light colored coat styles then you could choose the brighter shades like the vicuna beige coats and white vicuna Men's coats. Styling the vicuna coat with the casual garments would be the height of luxuriousness and if you want that look, then pair the beige vicuna Men's coat with a white zip neck sweater and a pair of blue ripped jeans.