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Serratelli Hats

The time when the cowboy styles dominated the fashion market is when the Serratelli company was formed by Pio Serratelli. He was the great grandfather of the present owner of the 140 year old company. This company has ever since been one of the original companies that produce classic cowboy hats.

Black-Fedora-Trilby-Mobster-Hat The process of making the Serratelli hats combines various processes. Fur is the raw material used for the product. It is collected and then differentiated as per their varying colors and textures. They are then taken through a process called hat rounding in which the sorted materials are mixed together along with binders, pressed and then trimmed finally. The second rounding is formed over the mandrel and then stitched to the brim thus forming a flat brimmed open crown mens dress hat. Serratelli company started out with this basic style finishing it finely and then grew to be the famous brand.

While some mens dress hats are left with an open crown most of them are creased according to the different styles that are popular. Then the Serratelli hats are dyed since the raw materials are usually are not of uniform colors and even though if they are it may be not of commercial value. This is the reason why there is a price difference among the dark and light colored Serratelli hats. While most of the materials can be dyed in darker shades only some are compatible in adopting the light shades. If there is too much of shade difference between the materials they are dyed into darker colors to keep it uniform. While these may be different in color they do not influence the hats quality.

Navy-Fedora-Trilby-Mobster-Hat Khaki-Fedora-Trilby-Mobster-Hat Red-Fedora-Trilby-Mobster-Hat Brown-Fedora-Trilby-Mobster-Hat

After all this the Serratelli hat is taken for finishing. If necessary the crown of the Serratelli hat is creased mostly by hand after which the hat is streamed and cooled to seal the shape of the crown and brim. Lastly the lining, sweatband and the trim are added to the design thus making it complete.

Los-Altos-Silver-Western-Hat If you are thinking about getting this classic Serratelli style of tejana hats then do it without much of an afterthought. The name in itself the assurance of the quality of the build and its construction. When it comes to the Xs mentioned in the Serratelli hats description it denotes the fineness quotient of the finished one. More the number of Xs in the description finer is the Serratelli hat to touch and feel. This is because of the fact that the materials are sorted out with the fineness priority and the finest hats are made from the smoothest furs. Thus if you need a fine Serratelli hat at your disposal go with the most number of Xs.

The style name of the Serratelli hat is the description of its shape of the hat and the brim and also the buckle set that comes with it. The flange profiles provided describe the brim of the Serratelli hat while the crown profiles describes the crown part that is the part above the brim of the hat. This helps the customer to choose the required style with ease. Serratelli hat is the cowboy hat that is manufactured by The Serratelli Company, which was formed in 1878. The process of making a cowboy hat is really a blend of several different processes. The raw material (fur, wool) is collected, sorted, and sorted as to color and quality. This material is then mixed together with binders and hard-pressed flat, and clipped to make a "hat rounding". Another circumnavigating is then formed over a mandrel and then stitched to the brim resulting in a flat brimmed, open crown hat.

Serratelli started their business selling these "blown rounding hats to the different hat makers as the suppliers of the basic hat. Then the manufacturers used their professional skills and finished them off and added their own name to them. These are the finest western or Serratelli Cowboy Hats made. Serratelli provides the finest hats for the best value anywhere. Extreme care is taken by each Serratelli craftsperson and the experts to assure that each hat has stable quality, color, shape and size attend minute details. Each hat is independently examined at the factory.

 James Bond Tuxedo Serratelli Hats Twister or Cowboy Hat Black is a high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat, these hats are soft, 6X felt moulds nicely to your head, and the Twister's brick top is hot and in style. It even sports a ribbon bound edge, adding even more style to this nice hat. These days Serratelli Cowboy Hats are made of fur-based felt, straw or, less often, leather. They are retailed with a tall, rounded crown and a wide flat brim. They have a simple band on the inside to alleviate the fit of the head, and generally a small attractive hatband on the outside of the crown. One can also personalize these hats by folding their crown and rolling their edges.

Factors to remember while buying a Serratelli hat:


A good quality Hat will last from 10 years to a lifetime because of the durability of its fur. One reason for purchasing a high quality hat is that it should last for a very long time.


The right size hat only allows you the perfect look that you desire. A loose hat will naturally look funny that you have to keep in position artificially. Similarly a tight Serratelli hat will be uncomfortable. Select according to your head size. The oval shape is a common buy.


` Typical colours for these hats are white, black, brown and silver though you can get other colours sometimes depending on the felt used. Hat Style: There are three main parts of the hat, the crown, the crinkle in the crown and the edge and all together they make the style of the hat.

Brim Size and Figure:

The brim can be of diverse widths and shapes depending on the preferences of the individual.

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