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Brown Dress Hat

If you are looking for some protection against the weather or for simply fashion purpose one of the obvious choice is the hats. While this headwear style had taken a back seat for quite some time in recent times the style is making a comeback especially among the younger generations. There are a lot of styles when it comes to these headwear and added with the casual ones like the beanies and the baseball caps the options become numerous. But if you are looking for one that matches with your formal wear then your best choice is to go with thebrown dress hats.

Mens-Brown-Color-HatClassic-Derby-Brown-Wool-Hat Untouchable-Brown-Hat brown-dress-hat
One of the most famous styles when it comes to brown dress hats is the Fedora. They were once at the epitome of popularity when almost any gentlemen of notable class and status have to own one. They are one of the popular styles till now and are mostly characterized by their wide brim and indented crown. They are felt hats that have pinched sides and vertical crease down the crown. As for the variations in the style it is based on the fabric that the hat is made from or the brim size of the brown dress hat. This is a polarizing style and hence it is one of the hardest styles to pull off safely. The flexible brim of this brown dress hat helps to a certain degree. The brims of the Fedora are flat with no edge that is constructed or curls that can be adjusted to be worn bent up or down as the wearer prefers. This is one of the major benefits of the Fedora compared to other styles. They are available mostly in dark colors since they are a formal style. Black, dark grey and brown are some of the safer options when it comes to brown dress hats.

Maroon-Color-Wool-Cap Trilby is another famous mens hat style that is very close to the Fedora style. But the Trilbys are a little more shortened in the crown and angular than a Fedora and because of this they are sometimes called a crumpled Fedora. The shape of the crown in Trilbys is same as that in Fedora but the back portion is a little shorter than in front thus making a angle. They are usually worn with their brim snapped down in the front and upwards in the back thus adding to the angular look of the brown dress hat. They were a popular style in the 20th century and saw a revival of its style in the 21st century due to their use by the musicians of this age. Like for Fedora these are also best to be purchased in dark colors like the black, brown and bottle green since these are the ones that pair well with the suits. These brown dress hats enhance the formal look making the wearer look more posh and sophisticated. If you are going for a more casual style then it is better to go with lighter colors like white, cream and tan.