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Hats with mens suits is a challenging job even for the most refined fashionista. This sartorial domain is only to be pulled off only with careful consideration. While there are many options to choose from in other accessories like shoes and watches there are only one or two decent styles in dress hats that you can match with the suits.

white-dress-hat Now as for the hats that work with the suits the hat should be refined enough to work well with the suits. Also the color of the hats should match or fit well with the color of the suit that you are wearing. Some of the basic colors like black, white and brown are the ones that can pair properly with the suits.

One of the best style of mens hats for pairing with suits is the Panama white hats. It is the best option especially if it is summer. These white dress hats are usually light in both color and weight thus being the preferred warm weather look and also the beacon of fun loving vibes. These white hats originally are from Ecuador and are usually made from plaited leaves of a toquilla palm plants which are close enough to palm plants but not exactly. This natural fibres makes the white dress hats sturdy when it comes to its build and also highly breathable. These white dress hats are best to be worn with light color suits like white, beige, cream and others. You can see them widely in summer and spring styles when worn with seasonal wear like a light colored linen suit. Another major benefit of this mens white hat is that they are the most versatile of all the styles available. They can look equally good when paired with casual outfits. It is the best beach look and you can wear this style even with shorts and t-shirts.

As for the dark colors you can match the dark color of the outfit to the satin in the base of the crown in the Panama hats.


Trilby is the best choice of dress hats if you are going for a retro vibe. They are arguably the most stylish among all other styles also getting a nod from the hip hop king Bruno Mars himself. This is the coolest style ofwhite dress hat that you can pair with the suits and is one of the most accepted ones. Though they mostly come in darker colors they are also available in lighter colors like white and grey. Make sure to get the one with right color and shape and you are ready to rock the style with your suits.

Off-White-Fedora-Hat Derby hats are like the Trilby and are considered to be one of the most acquired taste of dress hats. They are usually made of hard felt these white dress hats feature a short brim and rounded crown. dress hats on the whole nowadays would require some level of confidence to rock. But the white dress hats with a proper three piece suit is a classic look that is hard to rival with.