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Mens Green Felt Hat

Mens-Green-Color-Hat Felt hats are one of the major styles when it comes to formal hats. The smooth and light feel of these hats are not to be rivalled with and there was a time in which any men of an admirable status would never step out of his house without wearing one of these hats.

Black-3x-Western-Hat When people think of felt most of them imagine a smooth type of cloth mostly woollen. But in reality there is no relevance between the principles of production of the woven and the felted fabric. mens green Felts hat are originally made from myriad of short single animal fibres. These fibres are interlocked together by kneading and then is treated in hot water and stream. Felt is about one of the strongest fabrics ever known since the interlocking mechanism employed is very efficient in all directions. The other fabrics mostly are inferior to felt since they are first twisted into threads and then is woven manually or by machine as opposed to the natural tendency of the felt to roll and lock by itself. In other materials since the threads are woven manually or by machine they tend to be in a geometrical pattern that is either parallel or in right angles which makes them easier to break apart. As for the felt they are interlocked in all directions while kneading and hence very sturdy.

serratelli hats are one of the most lightest fabrics known because of their tensile strength. They are incredibly tough and a little amount of fibres is enough to give the required strength. The smoothness of the felts is attributed to their interlocking of the tiny fibres in every direction unlike the other fabrics in which they are woven on one side thus making it rough to touch when felt to the opposite side. Felt also has an added benefit of being waterproof because of of the interlocking and also because of the fact that the animal furs naturally do not soak much of the moisture.

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When saying fur of the animal the one which these mens hats uses are the under fur that is present below the long, coarse outer fur of the animals. This is because of the fact that only these small under hairs have the barb like projections that helps the fibres to interlock thus making them a strong felt. The outer long hairs are cut or sheared off and the under hairs are then carefully treated for better felting.

Most felt hats re made of rabbit furs. Beaver fur and chinchilla fur are one of the best ones available. They are also available in blends like hare fur and beaver furs which consequently brings down the cost to a great level. If you are not a fan of animal furs or allergic then you can go with wool felts which are also less in price compares to the animal felts. These felts are then dyed according to the preference and sold. They are available in varying colors like black, brown and green.