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100x Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats have a long history both in terms of functionality and as a fashion statement. This chic style has widespread range of fans regardless of the age groups. While the adults are drawn by its cool style, children are equally fascinated by its uniqueness especially after the debut of the animation character Woody in the film Toy Story.

Even when the style seems simple you still have to follow some rules to properly don on this style. You will need to get the proper fit and style that suits your shape of your face and your outfit. In this article we are talking about the basic rules that you will need to follow to get the right style that fits you.

100x-cowboy-hat The first step in selecting the style is getting the right size. You will need to conform that the hat is of the correct size and it fits to your head properly. The basic rule in wearing fur felt cowboy hats is that they should fit snugly around your head and never to hand loose. So it is better to know your size before buying it or better yet trying on the hat before purchasing it.

If you are buying online you can see the X factor mentioned. It denotes the grade of the hat. Higher the number of X finer is the hat. If you are seeing a hat that says 5X it is definitely of lower grade than the 100X cowboy hat one.

When it comes to the materials of the cowboy hats you have a lot of varieties to choose from. While the felt hats are warmer for cold seasons the straw hats are better to be worn for staying cool during the hot days. After buying a new hat you will have to shape it by gently bending and squeezing it. The front and the back of the brim should be falt and the sides should be curled slightly. You can slightly dent the crown of the hat. All this can be done gently with hand.

fur-felt-cowboy-hats cowboy hat fur-felt-cowboy-hats 100x-cowboy-hat

If you have a hat of this style already but is not of the right size and is too big you can fix it. First before doing it you will have to see whether the hat really is loose. You can find this out by donning on the 100x cowboy hat and seeing whether the hat is sitting too low on your head. If this is the case then buy some foam strips that are specially made to be put into the hats and stuff the hat with them to make them fit properly. You can adjust the shape of the hat according to the size and shape needed by putting the foam all the way in or stuffing them in front or the back portion only. If the hat is too loose then put the foam around the whole hat. There will be a band that is provided inside the hat that you can flip up and then place the foam under and then flip it back down when wearing the hat.