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Black Dress Hat

If you are thinking of filling your summer wardrobe then it may be time to try on a new item – the dress hats. We know what you are thinking. Hats are not a new item. Yes we agree they are not but have been out of style for quite some time. Recent times have seen a surge in younger men retrieving this style. You can use them as a fashion accessory or as an functional one to provide protection against the weather. They are one of the best ones when it comes to summer but can also sometimes aid at times of rain.

Most of the serratelli hats do not go near this style following a small mishap. Styling of hats is not that hard and following some basics might be the key to rocking this accessory. If you are a person who has an affinity for vintage styles then adding a black dress hat to your outfit is a seamless way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Now some of the major styles that you can easily incorporate into your outfit are given below.


Bowler hats are a classic style that was invented in the late 19th century by the Bowler brothers. They are widely known as Derbies in the United States and was made greatly popular after it was used by the legendary Charlie Chaplin. This black dress hat has an eccentric touch to it that makes it look good with any formal outfit. They usually come in dark colors especially black. This black dress hat has a round silhouette and is best to be worn by people with angular jaw.

Dark-Black-Wool-Hat western hats caps are one of the most popular styles in the entire list. They are characterized by their wide brims and indented crown. The difference in the style comes from varying sizes of brims and the material that it is made of. They are usually available in dark colors like black, bottle green, brown but this polarising style is considered to be very hard to pull off. If you are wearing it with formal outfits then stick with the dark colors while when worn with casual outfits then lighter colors of the hats are better. If you are on a vacation then get a felt or wool Fedora and add a good looking lightweight scarf to it. The major point you will have to note for this style is the quality of the material it is made from and the fit of the hat.

Mens-Black-Wool-Hat Trilby is another mens hats that is similar in shape and construction as that of the Fedora but distinguished by a narrower brim and a shorter crown when compared to the former style. If you need a subtle piece of headwear then this short brimmed style must be your pick. They were popular as a driving hat and are available in both dark and light shades. Black is the safest choice and is the best for men with smaller face. This is a good look if you do not want the black dress hat to overpower your outfit.