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If you are a person who loves the action flicks with stylish mafia in it then you have particular type of preference. We also love the mafia movies and series. While the fast paced storyline and the mandatory fight sequences are a bonus, the main thing that attracts us is the fashion. There seems to be an unspoken rule among the mafias to always dress perfectly at least on the big screen. If you love the mafia outfits style as much as us then you should read this article. We have compiled some of the best outfits that have graced the big screen and also some style lessons (not moral) that you can take from the deadly people.

The style knowledge of the gangsters seem to grow with the sum of money they acquire in their exploits or that is what the Hollywood has made us believe. For example, take Peaky blinders – though you couldn't categorize them as mafia you can take them as a gangster group who had high ambitions and reached them. While they start out with the simple and casual outfits, the style evolution happens as they climb the ranks of the society. Though the original Peaky blinders were in the 1870s timeline, the show adopted the 1920s timeline. While there was a lot happening during this time, you could also see that it was a high time for fashion. People were reinventing the older styles and making them more sophisticated. Thus some of the most popular mafia movies are based in the 1920s.

The fascination about the mafia outfits was not just limited to men since the women of that time were also attracted to the bad girl glamor. For example, there was Patty Hearst who was kidnapped by a terrorist group but later joined in their criminal activities under duress. Sounds like an exciting storyline for a movie right? But this actually happened and a photo of her wearing her beret and holding an M1 carbine gun became a big sensation in 1974. There was also bonnie and Clyde, the American bank robbery couple. Clyde became a source of fashion inspiration for many women with her beret, slim fitting knits and the bar heels. So you don't have to feel too chastised when you find the outfit mens appealing.

If you take a look at the real mafia outfits styles of the 1920s, the style majorly consisted of extravagant suits just because they can afford it and also pinstripes were one of the defining element of the mafias. The style of the outfits changed with time and in the 1990s it became symbolic with the heavy gold chains and designer mafia fashion outfits. The men went with the mafia casual outfits since the street style was the most prevalent look. This is a complete contrast from the 1920s where the mafias preferred the well dressed look. Another defining style of the 1990s outfits included the low slung trousers along with the branded sportswear and designer trainers. This look might be due to the fact that the police took away the belts and the shoe laces when these people visited the prison and this was often.

If you are thinking about choosing the outfit for yourself then you first have to determine on what timeline you are choosing. We have already illustrated the difference between both and thus it is important that you decide on one before you start searching for the best outfits. This choice can depend on the type of event you are attending. For example, if you are dressing for high end party with the costume request then 1920s mafia style would be a better choice. But if it is a casual costume party of college teens then you might find the 1990s street style outfits to be a better choice.

The mafia outfits have become a popular genre of choice for the people who like to dress up and you can often find the outfits in stores. But we would suggest you to buy the outfits online since you will have a lot more time to go through the large mafia vest outfits collections present which might not be the case with the offline stores. You could check for the sites that have the outfits for sale and then also the ones that offer the outfits in discount. Since it has become quite a popular style there are a lot of styles available in the market and it lies on you to choose the best one.

The genre of the outfits is an exciting one and you can explore a lot with it. For example, if you have watched the film Scarface then you would have realized that the fashion of Al Capone is different than that of the Peaky Blinders though they are based during the same timeline.

If you are looking for some extravagant mens mafia outfit ideas that exuberate the presence of money then you should choose to go with the Al Capone outfits. The gangster even in his real life cared much about his outfits and though it was damn expensive it is said that he ordered fabric from the foreign countries to make his suits. He stuck with the dark colored suits with the striped on them. But when it comes to the film, you will see that the character is much more free minded with the outfit choices. For example, the famous white suit with the red dress shirt is a good style to take on if you are looking for mafia gangster outfits in youth style. They have a better chance of screaming mafia style than the navy pinstripe suit. But when it comes to Peaky blinders, even though they choose simple outfits there is a particular pattern that distinguishes them. A three piece tweed suit with club collar shirt, tie, a newsboy hat and an overcoat is a style that anyone won't miss.