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Most of the times the fashion industry is seen favoring the youthful slim people. They have been ignoring the people who do not come under this perfect size range which is actually more than half of the worlds population. People who have a fuller appearance or have a few extra inches to spare often times have a hard time finding the right kind of fit while shopping because of these unrealistic standards.

Not many stores or online sites include styles in these big and tall sizes. While some may find the big and tall sizes the collections that they stock may not be impressive. This is why in our site we have varied styles in big and tall sizes. You will just have to know your size and select your choice based on your taste.

White-Textured-Tuxedo-Shirt Tuxedo is one of the most famous formal outfit for men which can be worn to special events like weddings and parties. The outfit has to be proper so that you can have a dapper and sophisticated look. Apart from the tuxedo jacket one of another thing that most men complain about is the selection of the big and tall tuxedo shirt.

For any formal event the basic style is to go with the basic white wing collar and ribbed front tuxedo shirt. But if you are feeling experimental you can select it according to your style thus upping your tux game.

For men the big and tall tuxedo shirt must properly fit your body shape for them to look smart. The classic choice is to go with white tuxedo shirt but there is nothing wrong with trying out the colored ones but you will have to keep it dark like midnight blue or black since it is a formal event.

Most men wear the big and tall tuxedo shirts that are too loose around the collar side which looks unpleasant. So when purchasing the big and tall tuxedo shirt check that the shoulder seams are correctly placed on the natural shoulder. For larger men check the button portion after fully fastening them for any pulling of the fabric. Never go for necktie and stick with the bowties.

White-Textured-Tuxedo-Shirt mens-dress-shirts blue mens-dress-shirts They usually have pointed collars or winged collars. If you like to show your bowtie more then it is better to go with wing collars. Both the collars are appropriate for tuxedo styles. As for the style of the big and tall tuxedo shirt there are plain and pleated styles. Pleated ones are one of the traditional tuxedo styles but if you are not into pleats then stick with the plain ones. Also if you are wearing a vest along with the jacket then it is best to go with plain shirts.

If you are on the shorter side then you could opt for vest or cummerbund since they are worn to hide the tuxedo shirt fabric from showing near the waist portion. This creates an uninterrupted vertical illusion which causes the wearer to look taller and slimmer. The right fit of the tux makes you look smart and also more formal.