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For most men shopping itself is a headache since the patience involved is enormous. But if you have an body size or shape that doesn't fit into the unrealistic standard that the fashion industry has then the problem at hand is still more irritating since now you will have to find the store that accommodates the size that is the one for you.

Black-French-Cuff-Dress-Shirt This is why at our site we have sizes that are more accommodating and the ones that are in big and tall sizes. Our is a trusted site that go by the standards and has a great customer service. Thus if you are shopping for big and tall dress shirt this is one of the best sites you can find.

mens Dress shirts are one of the basics when it comes to menswear. Whether you are going for a dinner suit look or simply a blazer look you will have to get a proper dress shirt that matches the quality of your outfit. Now how much ever the dress shirt may be expensive it still will not look good if it does not fit the wearer properly. For shopping in big and tall sizes you will have to try out different brands and sizes. The dress shirt has to fall nicely around the shoulders and waist. Dress shirts are one of the most important garment when it comes to formal wear. The length of the sleeves should be long enough to reach the start of the wrist and should be half to one inch longer than that of the jacket that you wear over it.

If you have a athletic body then the slim fit shirt of the dress shirt works the best. The fabric near the button area should not pull when fastened. If that is the case go for a size bigger. For men who come under normal big and tall category the regular fit of the dress shirt works the best. This regular fit is also addressed as the modern fit in some brands. One of the major problems the tall men above six feet face is the length of the sleeves. If you are one among them make sure that the dress shirts have the longer sleeves so that it is of ideal length.

As for the material of the dress shirts it is better to buy ones that are made of lighter fabrics since the those made of heavier ones could make you look still more bulky. Choose one that is durable and in which you feel comfortable since most formal events are day long events. A properly tailored quality royal blue dress shirt can make you look elegant while offering a slimmer look. Also the right fit of the shirt is important since it also influences the fit of the jacket or the vest you wear over it. Make sure that the dress shirt is not too tight and at the same time too loose so that it bunches up along the armhole and hip areas when worn with a vest.