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Big and Tall Blazers

Fashion like most industry is not very thoughtful of people who do not fit into the ideal range. This industry has long been inconsiderate to larger men and men who have extra inches to spare in terms of providing varying styles. Till now the mannequins that decorate the displays are of perfect body size that most us only can dream of. This creates unnecessary anxiety while shopping which should be a joyful experience but knowing some basics can make you choose easily based on your body shape.

perruzo blazers Blazers are one of the garment that we buy for some special occasions. The point is to look good for the occasion and hence the fit of the garment is the most important. Be it any occasion, business meeting or a date night , blazers add style instantly. For big and tall men case if you know the basics then buying a perruzo blazer is as easy as it is for an ideal size. For the purchase of the big and tall blazer you will need the accurate measurements of the chest and your shoulders. You can go to your tailor and get the measurements done or do it yourself. Most shops that sell big and tall blazers do it for their customers but if you choose to do it then wrap the tape measure under your arms around the back thus measuring the largest part of your chest.

If you are on the taller side then opt for big and tall blazers with more buttons. Big and tall Blazers usually come with one to four button styles. If you are tall and wear a one button style it will have a lot of your shirt showing which is not a pretty sight. Multiple buttons cover up the shirt fabric from showing and create a streamlined look. If you are on the shorter side and also bigger around the middle having many buttons can make you look still shorter and rounder than you already are. Thus two button fabrics are the classic foolproof choice since they create the optimum v plunge in the front that makes your upper torso look elongated.

Another thing you will have to consider while getting a big and tall blazer is the vents on it. For people who do not know vents are the slit that is provided at the bottom rear of the big and tall blazer or any mens tweed suit jacket. They are provided so that the wearer can have some freedom of movement near the pelvic region and the thighs. Double vents are best for people who are heavy but if you have a larger bottom then go for looser fit with single slit. If you are tall but with leaner build you can choose anything even no vents until you are comfortable with the style.

The big and tall blazers come in two basic styles like any other jackets - single breasted and double breasted. Double breasted big and tall blazers are considered to be more formal than the single breasted styles and are also thicker than the former style. Thus you can select the style depending on your comfort and the purpose of the garment.