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The term classic is nowadays used for any clothing when it comes to menswear. But only some of them deserve the word they are called since only very few were perfect on the first time they were made. One such item is the big and tall peacoat. Big and tall Peacoats unlike their fashion cousin trench coats do not have a accurate origin story. It is said that this winter coat was worn by sailors long back from the 1800s and since then had the description of being double breasted and same style that it is now.

This rightly called classic style is a must have in mens wardrobe especially if you are the one who cares about fashion. This timeless style have carried on for generations with little to no changes in its design. They are usually in Melton wool and versatile wear that has enough space for layering beneath.

Now however classic the style is it has to fit properly for it to look good. Like any other garments there are a lot of styles and varieties in big and tall peacoats to choose from but the fit of it is what matters the most. While shopping itself is seen as a hassle by some men, shopping for big and tall sizes may be harder still.

The main purpose of the big and tall peacoat it that it is an outerwear and hence they are designed for warmth. This means that they should be close fitting to give a flattering shape. If you are a big person shop for a size in which even when the buttons are fastened there is enough space for you to fit in a knitwear. Also for bigger sizes it may be hard to find a good fit since the shoulder size also increases with increasing the waist size. Therefore it is best to buy big and tall peacoats that are made for big and tall sizes which incorporate subtle changes like the one our site offers.

The proper fit of the big and tall peacoat must taper from the high collar to the waist and then flaring around the waist. This was designed so that the big and tall peacoat offers freedom of movement around the hips. So the big and tall peacoat that you purchase must have this flare that is not too tight around the hips. People with bigger hip size should note this detail. It is better to note your measurements and then compare it with the size chart and then order your fit.

As it is an outerwear you will have to get it one size larger than your normal fit of your sports coat or your jacket. This helps you to fit a knitwear or a sweater under the big and tall peacoat in a comfortable manner without it being too tight. The bottom button on the big and tall peacoat should always remain open like in any double breasted styles. If you fall on the tall category then make sure to have long sleeve lengths so that when you wear it along with the gloves it gives proper protection against the cold.