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Men's Sequin Vests

Do you want to be noticed in the event that you are attending? We have a suggestion for you – sequin Men's vests. We already can sense you rolling your eyes over the suggestion but we would like you to hear us out. Sequins aren’t as bad as you think and when you are stepping out of the office to attend any casual event you deserve to choose something other than the usual navy suits and charcoal suits. Let yourself have some fun with your outfit by choosing the mens sequin Men's vests. It might be hard for people to transition into the sequin Men's vests from the boring navy suits and thus we have some suggestions that might help you make this transition better.

Red Vest If you are thinking that sequin is a new style then you will have to think again. Sequins have been in use for a long time in fashion and the little discs of shininess have prevailed all through the fashion changes. Thus you don’t have to be thinking too much before getting the sequin Men's vests since you wardrobe deserves some fun after all. Also men who still think that sequin Men's vests or anything remotely flashy is a girly style – you definitely still need to start navigating through atleast a century of fashion progress. We would like you to know a little more about the history of the sequin vests and how it has become one of the major party styles in the 21st century.

You must know King Tut – a very popular Egyptian king or should we say popular mummy. His time period dates back to 1341 B.C. to 1323 B.C. but his tomb was found in 1922. The reason why we are going on about this topic is that among the royal garments that surrounded king Tut was a garment that had gold sequin like discs sewn on it. Adorning the dead body of the king with wealth and royal garments is a common practice which the Egyptian people believed to provide passage of the soul to enter the afterlife. However the use of this sequin garments have indicated that the sequin has been in fashion for quite a long time.

Blue Vest Sequins were often synonymous with wealth and the 13th century gold coins of Venice were known as zecchino. All through the world there is evidence that these discs of real gold were used as a status symbol. Even if you are not aware of king Tut you would have definitely heard about Leonardo Da Vinci. Would you believe if we say that the man drew a sketch of a machine that was used to create discs out of a metal sheet? We think that this is enough proof that the sequin vests and other sequin garments have existed in fashion for time unimaginable and thus you are just bringing back an old look by going with the sequin double breasted vest mens style.

As for styling the sequin Men's vests there are some suggestions that might help you get through the ordeal especially for the men who are trying out the look for the first time. The first question that would have rose in your minds when we mentioned sequin vests is – Where do I style them? Most men consider sequins hard to style but once you get used to the style there are a lot of opportunities to which you can style the garment. For example if you are attending a party where you want to look dressed up then you can think of going with the fancy sequin prom vest outfit. Other than this know that the sequin vests were widely popular for a certain period in last century. Thus if you are attending any 1900 themed costume events then you can consider adding sequin vest costume to your outfit list.

Silver Vest Styling the mens sequin Men's vest is not a very hard job – you just have to get the basics right. For example you already know that sequin Men's vests are a flashy style and always remember that one flashy garment is enough for the whole outfit. Thus when you choose to include a sequin rosegold vest design to your outfit keep all other combining garments simple. For example if you can style the sequin vest with a black blazer, black dress shirt and black pants so that the outfit balances itself without looking shabby. It is best to even restrain from adding accessories to the outfit and let the vest be the main focus.

The color of the sequin vest is another detail that you will have to pay special attention to. Depending on the event you are attending it would be best if you choose the right style. For example if you are looking for a sequin tuxedo vest which you can style for a formal occasion it would be best if you stick with the darker colors. Dark colored vests like sequin black vests and sequin navy vests would provide you with a comparatively subtle look when compared to the bright colored ones. But once you get used to the style and want to try out a new one with the bright colored sequin vests it would be best if you reserve them for the casual and semi formal events.

Wedding Vest The type of the best also matters. Usually vests do not come with lapels but in the formal versions you can notice the vest having lapels. If you are looking for an impressive style that can carry the outfit even without a jacket then we would suggest you to go with sequin plaid vests. If you are looking for a more casual vest like the sequin vest toddler style then we would like you to go with V neck or U neck type vests without the lapels.

Vests are the garments that should fit a person perfectly to give out a proper look. Thus when choosing the garment we would recommend you to pay special attention to the fit and most probably go with slimfit sequin vests.