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Striped Vest

When it comes to menswear the stripes has remained to be popular even now like they were like for centuries before. This pattern is one which that has great style and professionalism to it making it best to be worn for work wear too. These patterns when worn can create greater interest on the wearer than simply wearing solids.

Mens-Shiny-Gold-Vest Stripes are patterns of series of parallel lines that do not cross each other. They are usually found in most of the mens garments like the suits, shirts and sequin vests. Also the accessories to the mens suits like ties and pocket squares also employ this style in various orientations. Since they are parallel and do not cross each other they look simpler and cleaner than the checked styles.

There are varied options in stripes like the self stripes, warp stripes and weft stripes being some. They are also available in horizontal and vertical patterns which you can choose according to your taste. There are also textured stripes that you can opt for when you need an added effect.

striped vests Mens-Shiny-Gold-Vest mens-vests striped vests

The stripes in menswear can be easily adopted but it all depends on the taste and personality of the wearer. Shirts are one of the safest option for incorporating stripes into your outfit. If you like bold styles then opt for wider patterns that stand out. But if you like subtle styles then go with thin narrow patterns that are of dark colors. Also if you wear your shirt in solid color then you can incorporate the stripes into your jacket styles. Although it will be important to keep the jacket to dark. The basic rule is to keep the garment in dark color when opting for narrow nearer patterns and for the wider roomier patterns you can wear bright colored garments.

suit-vest While the overcoats and pants in stripes will need a bolder fashion statement type incorporating the stripes into vests is a second best safe choice. It has the added benefit of maintaining your outfit at the formal level even when you opt to remove your jacket in the inside on a hot day. The suit vests had long been a garment which has included bold colors or patterns in the past thus adding their own twist and personality to the otherwise conservative suit. If you are not much into experimenting then stick with patterns that match with the rest of the suit thus keeping it professional to the core.

If you are going for a subtle look then pair a closely arranged thin striped vest with a solid colored shirt and a jacket that matches. This will give you a professional look that can even pass for the most important business meetings. If you are going a little more bold add patterns to the suit vest that stand out. If you have a jacket that also have patterns then pair the odd striped vest to the color of the patterns in the jacket. If the patterns on the jacket is bold then pot for subtle ones in the striped vest.