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Paisley Vest

Paisley has had a great journey starting from Persia to the Beatles and now in modern menswear. Paisley is a painterly textile pattern that mostly resembles a tear drop or a vegetable that looks seed shaped. The pattern has withstood the long tests of time while garnering some famous admirers like Oscar Wilde and is still making its mark in the runways of the London, Milan and New York. Even some famous brands like Saint Laurent and Burberry have been increasingly adopting this timeless print into their fashion fabrics thus giving it a new twist.

The longevity of this fabric is said to have its symbolic power at the back. Who does not like a nice story behind the styles that we choose to wear? The tear drop has a Persian interpretation of floral spray and also in some a symbol of life and eternity. The seed like shape has its connection with India and as per popular belief in Hinduism represents fertility and also has a resemblance to the famous yin yang symbol.

This luxury style of paisley is usually woven with silver and gold threads on silks and fine wools that were worn for special occasions like the weddings and other celebrations. This style was first brought in by East India company from the silk routes from India. This style was widely seen in Kashmiri shawls that were ridiculously expensive. Soon this style was copied all over Europe and were widely known as Paisleys or Persian pickles.

The style is and has been greatly favored by the people who has original and exquisite taste. This style greatly picked up in the past with them being adopted by the largest band of that time - the mens vest. They were obsessed with Paisley and John Lennon even went to an extent in which he painted his Rolls Royce in paisley pattern. This gave the pattern a rock and roll style to it that is opposed to its former rich background.

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This style has carried on till today since it has a certain mystery factor and the eastern flair to it which is suiting to all times. They have a sense of exoticism and the intricate patterns have a complexity and depth to it that is hard to be rivalled with. Even now this pattern is famous among the casual suits and paisley vests. It is one of the favourite when it comes to ties. The pattern which originally symbolises the tree of life, seed palm and the fertility was greatly adopted by the former generation. It is highly possible that your grandfather has a coat or velvet vest that has this pattern on it. If you are thinking of adopting this rich style then all you need to do is incorporate it into your outfit.

If you love Paisley like Oscar Wilde or John Lennon then go for a full blown paisley suit complete with velvet vests. Keep the color to dark like midnight blue so that the silver and gold patterns give out a rich exotic feel.