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Mens vests are one of the basic clothing articles that make men look great and feel complete when worn. They are finest choices that would never leave the fashion scene anyway, so you can count on them and stay voguish all the time. Particularly, making an investment in one attractive lapel vest is a great addition to your wardrobe. Most of the vests do come without lapels, but today they are available in many different lapel styles to meet the fashion preferences of fashion forwarded men. You can have vests with peak lapels, notch lapels and shawl lapels as per your individual fashion desires and needs. A vest is a permanently stylish clothing article that would help you rule the entire fashion world. Obviously, everyone wants to look good all the time, and these vests have provided them the opportunity to look appealing and attractive all the time. You can choose to wear either single breasted or double breasted vest according to your body shape and the occasion you attend. Double breasted vests often come with peak lapels to give off a refined look to the wearer. Single breasted vests with shawl lapel are great for formal wedding occasions, prom events and some semi-formal events. Notch lapels are also a preferred choice that could give you a conservative look. Black Vest If you wear a black lapel tuxedo vest to your special occasion, you are sure to turn many heads instantly. All these head-turns would eventually get you positive and sweet comments that you could ever think of. You may wonder why you should invest in a lapel vest if you could easily get lapel suits. The advantage of having these vests is that they could excellently expand your wardrobe in size and add more in terms of flexibility. You can team up these vests with all your wardrobe ensembles and create new get up every time you dress up. Believe it or not, they have a huge impact on your outfit and your look without requiring you to spend a fortune. Even if you do have many suits in your wardrobe collection, these lapel vests with suits would let you create lots of new outfits for almost all your occasions. The look you gotten when wearing suit is totally different from that of lapel vests. Both look equally good, but you will certainly have a different distinctive look all the time. Before choosing one, clearly know what suits your skin complexion and figure best and proceed further. Today’s modern 3 piece vests are becoming more and more figure friendly, so you can wear them and flatter your figure in an excellent way. Your additional pounds will be hidden inside the vest right and your beautiful curves would be highlighted. If you would like to look traditional, you can prefer wearing black lapel vests that are a magnificent addition to your outfits. You actually have no limits in mixing and matching your outfits with these vests and you can come up with any look you desire. From petite to plus size, toddler to grownup adults, you will certainly have one vest suit piece to suit to your fashion preferences. If you would like to achieve a vintage style look, you can lean towards 1920s vests that would add a flashy twist to your outfit. Navy VestWhatever style you choose, you would never go wrong and be in trend at all times. They are extraordinary clothing choices that could be worn for many years to come, if maintained properly. The lapel style you choose would determine your look, so you should go over some important considerations beforehand. Nothing could work better than a crisp and well maintained lapel vest. A good vest suit will never go out of style, regardless of the fashion changes. No matter how much evolutions fashion industry come across, grey vests are here to stay forever. You can carry off these vests confidently, so that you would add more to your own style. If you would like to be in shape all the time, you should go for slim lapel vests that could do wonders for your body figure. Never go for undersized and oversized vest suits because they will ruin your look. When you wear these slim vests, you will surely be in the peak of fashion better than you think. They also hide your body flaws and accentuate your positive features in the limelight. A simple lapel vest can take your ordinary outfit into something extraordinary and a fashion nightmare right away. When it comes to men’s fashion, herringbone vests are certainly taking the limelight this season. They give you a more conservative look that would make you appear professional and refined before everyone. With these clothing articles, you are sure to have a million dollars look and capture the eyes of everyone around you. You can also wear a lapel tweed vest and put your best fashioned foot forward. They provide a refined and polished look that could brilliantly meet your fashion demands. If you are piling up clothing articles for your winter wardrobe, you could probably add lapel wool vests into it. They are quite heavy in nature and give you a snug fit that is indispensable to keep the extreme winter elements at bay. When you add this vest into your wardrobe, you are having everything to pair up with your outfits and look appealing.