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Double Breasted Vest

Double Breasted Vest

Mens double breasted vests are straightforward garments that are easy to don on. While the double breasted vests were out of style for quite some time they are making a comeback in recent times even among celebrities in red carpets. However one big question that every men contemplate on is to whether to get the vest single breasted or double breasted.

Single breasted styles are relatively thin and has a maximum of three to four buttons. They are casual and can be paired with almost any outfits. But the double breasted vests are more formal and have two rows of buttons. This style is thicker than the single breasted styles and thus can be warmer than the previous style. While you can go with single breasted style, double breasted vests are the best if you want to stand out and be the best dressed one in the gathering that you attend be it weddings or any parties.

mens vests are often seen as a cleaner style when compared to the single breasted ones. It also suits almost every body types and better suits tall and medium builds and complements greatly the body shape of narrow waist and broad shoulders. When you are opting this style as an everyday wear it is best to go with a classic shirt and a nice pair of dark jeans. The buttons on the double breasted vests should always be worn fastened thus keeping up the formal look.

If to be worn for a black tie event the cut of the double breasted vest is the most important. It is better to have a shawl collar that shows off your shirt. As for the length of the double breasted vests it should be long enough to cover the top of the waistband of your trousers. The main purpose of the double breasted vest is to cover the shirt material fully at the intersection of the shirt and pants thus creating a undisturbed vertical look even if you unbutton your jacket.

If you are attending a wedding it is always best to follow the dress code if provided with one. If double breasted vest is mentioned but the style is not better go with the double breasted one. Also take care that the double breasted vest is of contrasting color to the coat since the same color look may be a sombre look for exciting events like weddings. If you are attending a white tie event then dress code or not your double breasted vest should be white in color.

The last button of your double breasted vest should always be unbuttoned and this also goes for jackets regardless of them being single or double breasted. If you are comfortable only with buttons open then it is better to go with single breasted vests. The double breasted vests should be of the right fit. The fit of your double breasted vest should follow the line of your body without being too tight. If possible always go with mix and match styles that complement each other since three piece cut from same material and color can get boring.

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