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Indigo Suits

Mens-Indigo-Blue-Tuxedo Indigo has been clearly the color of the year and men's clothing are no exception to this. If you are a person who likes the subtle look of the blue suits and have varying shades of it in the wardrobe then indigo men's suits should be your next addition. Here is everything that you need to know about indigo men's suits and some of the best tips to style them right.

The reason why we recommend you to go with blue suits is that they retain the fair subtlety of the navy suits but at the same time give a distinguished look. Thus indigo men's suits are one of the best ways to dress up without looking like trying too much. Also going with a shade that is close to the business classic like navy suit makes it a versatile garment that you can use for various purposes. The indigo suits can easily get an A okay when it comes to work related use like formal dinners and such. Thus if you are thinking of getting an indigo suit then think no further since the versatility of the suit will always make purchasing it a good decision.

Three-Buttons-Indigo-Color-Suit Indigo men's suits are slightly brighter than the navy suits and thus are most preferred for the warmer months of summer and spring. But if you are a person who dislikes the drab look of the winter or fall and would love to stand out among the monotonous neutral outfits then you can give the formal indigo men's suits a try. However the indigo suits are ideally for summer since they resonate the celebratory vibe of the seasons. The indigo men's suits are now becoming a favorite among the fashion designers since it has a bohemian vibe to it. With the varying look that it offers indigo has not only captured the formal clothing industry but also showing signs of taking over the casual clothing industry too. If you think you are ready to try the indigo men's suits then we suggest you to start slow with casual garments like indigo t-shirts or indigo dress shirts.

The styling of boys light blue suits is not a hectic job when you get to know about the basics of styling. First of all make sure that you style the indigo men's suits for proper events. The indigo men's suits might look a little out of place for a regular office day but when it comes to office related events indigo men's suits might be one of the best choices. In the same way you can also style the indigo men's suits for special occasions like weddings and parties. Indigo men's suits give you the perfect blend of the subtlety along with a little spark of stylishness that will make you look impeccably dressed. Here are some tips that might help you in the styling process of the indigo men's suits.

If you are thinking of styling the indigo suit for a regular office day then you can simply go with a peak lapel indigo suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie. Complete the look with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. The peak lapel and the oxford shoes are added to balance out the stylish outlandish look of the indigo men's suits in the office full of people in navy suits. For a little more stylish look that makes you stand out easily go with herringbone indigo suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and a burgundy tie. This contrasting look can be accentuated by pairing it with a pair of two toned red brogues.

boys-light-blue-suit The advantage with the boys formal suits or for any dark shaded blue suits for that matter is that they tend to give a black canvas which can be used to showcase the subtle detailing of the outfit. For example the dress shirt or the tie in the outfit can become the main piece since indigo suits will be on the subtler side of the look. Therefore while styling the indigo men's suits it is best to style it with care and spend some time in picking out the right combining garments. This way you can easily create a statement look and the one which clearly portrays your personality.

One of the main reasons why linen suits are getting the popularity is the versatility of the suit. But the amount of versatility differs with the details of the suit and thus we recommend you to select the detailing with care. For example a single breasted indigo suit will be more versatile than the double breasted indigo suits. With the single breasted indigo men's suits you can style them as both formal and casual outfits. For example you can wear a single breasted notch lapel indigo suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie for a formal look. For a smart casual look you can lose the tie and leave the top two buttons of the dress shirt unbuttoned. For a casual style you can pair the indigo suit with a crew neck T-shirt and a pair of canvas high top sneakers.

indigo-suits In the same way the shawl lapel boys navy blue suits might be less versatile when compared with the peak lapel indigo men's suits and notch lapel indigo men's suits. This is because of the fact that the shawl lapel indigo men's suits regardless of being less formal than the peak lapel suits have a dressy look that makes them suitable for special occasions like weddings and award events. Thus they might look out of place when styled for casual events that might not require dressing up much. For a distinct look you can try the indigo suits that come with different colored lapel like black lapels.

As required of any garment make sure that the indigo suits are of the right fit. If you do not mind the cost go with custom made indigo men's suits. Off the rack indigo men's suits are a convenient choice for a cheaper price. Slim fit indigo men's suits and classic fit indigo men's suits are the two most recommended ones.