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Boys Navy Blue Suit

If you are looking for a handsome and stylish choice of suit for your child then it is best to go with navy blue suit. There are a lot of colors available and those you can purchase for your child but the reason why we recommend navy blue suit for your child's first suit is because of its versatility. Here is everything that you need to know about boys navy blue suits and it's styling before getting one for your child.

The navy blue suit is associated with menswear for a long time. The usage of the formal navy blue suit started from the mid 18th century when the officers of the British Royal Navy were given navy uniforms. Since then the navy blue suit has had a prominent space in the formal wear and is considered to be the next best after black suits. In recent times the navy blue suits are preferred more making it a even better choice than the black suits.

When you select the boys navy blue suits you can style the same suit for both formal and casual events. Since it is for children it is best to get a versatile suit since there aren't many events that children have to wear the formal garments like suits. You can even style the navy blue suit as separates to get smart casual and casual look. Now here are some ideas that might help you dress your child in navy blue suits.

For the styling of the navy blue suits should consider the details. There are many factors that influence the choice to get a perfect garment. Some of them are the type of the event that you are attending, the season at which the event is taking place and the small details on the boys navy blue suits like type of lapels, number of buttons and many others.

Navy Toddler Suit For a formal look you can go with the perfect classic look of the navy blue suit. If you are dressing your child for a formal church wedding you can pair the single breasted navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and a navy horizontal striped tie. If you aren't sure with the footwear then go with the safe choice of pair of black leather oxford shoes. Again we emphasize on the importance of the versatility for the children's suit by recommending you to go with single breasted navy blue suits. These suits will be easier to style as both formal and casual styles. But when you need a sharp formal look for your child then you can go with boys navy blue double breasted suit with a white dress shirt and light gray tie. You can contrast the outfit with a pair of dark brown fringe leather loafers. If you love a matching look then swap the gray tie with a silk burgundy print tie and then complement it by pairing it with Burgundy leather oxford shoes. The key to perfect formal look of the boys navy blue suit is to pair it with a standard colored dress shirt and a tie. Mostly white dress shirts are recommended but you can also try out other light colored shirts like light blue dress shirts and pale pink dress shirts. As for the tie go with a complementary one that mostly contrasts with the dress shirt you are wearing. Solid colored ties are the fail proof choices but you can also try out the patterned ones like Paisley ties and striped ties.

Kids Blue Suit
Now we move on to the semi formal styling of the navy blue suits. Most of the events in the recent times do not come with the dress codes and thus the smart casual styling of the suit which is the most comfortable is also most welcome now. When it comes to children the little ones are used to the casual clothes and thus going with a smart casual navy blue suit styling is one of the best for the children.

For a semi formal event like a family gathering you can pair the peak lapel navy blue suit with a white dress shirt and simply forgo the tie option. You can complete the look with a pair of brown leather slip on sneakers. For a little more casual look you can pair the notch lapel navy blue suit with a beige polo and navy leather tassel loafers. For a stylish yet dressy smart casual look you can pair the single button navy blue suit with a white turtle neck and brown leather loafers. While dressing your child you might encounter some problems like the children refusing to wear the tie or a vest in a boys navy blue 3 piece suit. You need not panic in this situation and instead mix up the outfit a little with their favorite garments like a printed tshirt or a accessory or simply go with the 2 piece navy blue suit.

Now if your child is in an important factor in the wedding like he is the ring bearer or the flower boy you will need to dress him perfectly. While for other causes boys navy blue wool suit or boys navy blue linen suit are good choices for a dressy look you can go with luxurious choices like boys navy blue silk suits or boys navy blue velvet suits. As for the material it is best to go with natural fabric ones and avoid the synthetic ones like polyester boys navy blue suits and rayon boys navy blue suits.

While you go with the details one with the most importance is the fit of the boys navy blue suits. Make sure that you select fitting ones like boys navy blue slim fit suits and boys navy blue classic fit suits since a good fitting garment is the one that your child will feel most comfortable in. You can also go with custom made boys navy blue suit if you afford it.