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Boys Purple Suits

When we go purchasing for suits we subconsciously go towards the usual colors like charcoal gray and navy blue. But in recent times the men are starting to go with the out of ordinary colored suits since the fashion industry is fast evolving and with it the tastes of people. While we have been content with the classic colored suits for a long time now it is time already to try out the less used ones. On that note we discuss about the purple suits in this article and why you should seriously consider getting one of this for yourself.

We admit that you will not see many men roaming the streets wearing the purple suits but it is getting there at least in Hollywood. It is surprising to see how much the celebrities and the fashion designers are taken with the color and how much of it we are seeing regularly on the runways and red carpets. We cannot blame them given that the purple is a rich color that makes your outfit look easily royal. This is one of the many reasons why there is a sudden burst of popularity in the purple suits among men.

Casual Suit The purple garments in the early times were mostly restricted to the royals and the economically elite people. This is because of the fact that the purple dye at that time was impossibly hard to extract and thus as a result was very expensive so much so that they were only used by the royals. But now with the technical processes evolved the purple dyes are easier to extract as like the other dyes. Thus you can choose to go with purple suits or any type of purple garments as you please but it remains to be one of the most underused colors especially in menswear.

Most would think of the bright and eye catching purple when they first hear of the word but as like all colors there are various shades of it for you to choose from. Depending on the event that you are attending you can choose the color of the mens purple suits that you think will be appropriate for the event. The tint in the purple suits which dominates is the important factor that determines the shade and consequently the look of the purple suits you choose. For example when you go with dark purple suits that have red dominating in them then they will give out a formal and grounded look. Purple Plum suits and purple burgundy suits are some of the recommendations and these suits will be suitable to wear to the formal and semi formal events. Some of the ideas for styling the dark purple suits are being discussed below and you can take inspiration from the ones that are suitable for your taste.

For a simple yet standard look you can choose to style the purple 2 piece suit with a white dress shirt and dark purple tie. To properly round off the look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of tan leather brogues. But if you are attending a semi formal event like a wedding or a dinner party then you can choose to style the purple wedding suit with a silk gray dress shirt and leave out the tie option. If you think that the outfit is too much for the event then you can choose to add with it a pair of tan leather Chelsea boots so that they give a relaxed feel to the outfit on the whole. For a more dapper and refined look you can choose to go with purple 3 piece suit paired with white dress shirt and navy print tie. Complete the look with a formal pair of shoes like black leather Oxford shoes and a nearly folded pocket square.

Toddler Suit Coming back to the shades of the purple suits dark purple is not the only one that looks good on suits. You can choose to go with lighter or brighter shades of purple suits but make sure that you are confident in sporting the style. We insist on this because these purple suits might attract some attention not in negative light but if you are a subtle dresser then you might feel self conscious. Thus make sure that you are comfortable with the style and the eyes that will be focused on you. As for the styling ideas for these purple suits here are some recommendations from which you can take a leaf.

The bright purple suits are best to be styled for the summer and spring events since they have a vibrant and festive feel about them which might not suit the gloomy climate of the winter and fall. Go with these purple suits mens for the special occasions where you want to look dressed up. If you are dressing for a summer rooftop party then you can choose to style the single breasted purple suit with a violet crew neck tshirt and a pair of white leather low top sneakers. For a simple yet classy look you can choose to style the purple casual suit with a white dress shirt and leave it at that. As for the footwear you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of black leather tassel loafers. If you are dressing for a special occasion like prom then you can choose to style the prom purple suit with a white dress shirt and black skinny tie or black bow tie. Complete the look with a pair of brown leather tassel loafers.

Men might be hesitant to go with purple suits but they can easily be rocked by the children. If you have a child in your home then choose to dress them in purple toddler suits or boys purple suits since there is literally nothing that the children can look bad in. But make sure that you take some care into the styling of the purple suits for the child to look stunning.