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Boys Light Blue Suit

Blue suits are one of the rare outfits that men feel immensely confident about. If you are a person who works in a corporate office then there is a high chance that you have more than one navy suit in your wardrobe. But the confidence dwindles when the color of the suit lightens. Light blue suit is not the one that you first reach out when you go for formal suit shopping. This may be because of the fact that men consider the lighter shades to be harder to pull off. But this is not a limitation for children since the little ones easily pull off the lighter colors. Thus in this article we list everything that you need to know about the boys light blue suits and why you need to get one for your child.

While you cannot style the light blue suit to your office or any formal event that is not the case with the children. There are very few events that require the children to follow the dress codes perfectly. The most formal event your child attends might be the family wedding or the Christmas service. In that case you can easily style them in light blue suits. Also there is a lot of time still for the children to worry about dress codes and simply just go with light blue suits without thinking much. So it is better if you have a nicely fitted light blue suit ready for your child.

light blue suit can be styled to both semi formal and casual events but it might be better if you style them for the summer events. The light color might stand out too much in winter or fall but if standing out is the aim then you can style your child in light blue suit even for winter and fall events. But the light color of the suit looks great in the warmer months and conform well with the festive surroundings. If you are convinced and thinking of getting a light blue suit for your child then here are some things that we would like you to note before purchasing it.

The comfort of the child wearing the suit is most important since they are used to loose casual clothing and these formal suits are a new feat to achieve for them. Thus make sure you avoid details that might make the child feel uncomfortable. For example the synthetic ones like polyester light blue suits and rayon light blue suits are usually chemically processed and thus sometimes cause irritation on the sensitive skin of the children. This it might be a better choice to go with natural fabric light blue suits. Other than this check for itchy stitches on the inner side of the suit and loose buttons.

Midnight Blue Suits As mentioned before light blue suits are best to be styled for summer events and thus you can go with lightweight ones like boys light blue linen suits or cotton light blue suits since they can keep the child comfortable even under high temperatures. If you live in a chilly place then you can go with lightweight wool light blue suits. Other than this you can also try out the boys light blue 3 piece suit option for your child since they have the extra layer that can provide the child with warmth. But if your child does not like the vested light blue suit look then you can simply go with the 2 piece light blue suit and add an overcoat. For special occasions you can opt for boys light blue silk suits and boys light blue velvet suits but these fabrics look great in darker deep colors.

After choosing the fabric of the light blue suit the next thing that you need to focus on is the styling. Here are some ideas that we think will help you in the process. If you are dressing your child for a formal summer wedding then you can pair the peak lapel light blue suit with a white dress shirt and dark brown polka dot tie. As a finishing touch you can go with a pair of dark brown leather double monks that will match the tie. For a little more casual yet dressy look you can pair the boys light blue double breasted suit with a white print crew neck tshirt and white and black print canvas high top sneakers. There is a high chance that your child might not like the constricting tie option and in that case leave out the option and go with a single breasted boys light blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and white canvas low top sneakers.

Blue Checkered suit
While styling the boys light blue suit for your child you may face some problems since children are spontaneous. While some sessions may go well in some they may refuse to wear the same outfit. In these cases it is best to make peace with them by letting them add on a piece of outfit rather than forcing them to wear the garment that you chose. For example a notch lapel boys light blue suit paired with the white spidermantshirt might still be a good look for a casual event. If your child is the flower boy then you can twin him with the grooms suit look by going with boys light blue shawl lapel suit paired with a white dress shirt and you can even add a boutonniere to your child's suit.

The fit of the suit is another most important detail that you will have to note. Some parents make the mistake of dressing the child in enormous clothes. Avoid that and go for a fitting style. You can go with custom made boys light blue suit but there are also off the rack options like boys light blue slim fit suit and boys light blue classic fit suits that you can choose from.