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Mens Royal Blue Suits

For regular suit wearers, the navy blue suit might feel like an intrinsic part of their wardrobe with time and soon things can get quite boring. Navy blue suit is the best option for the formal events but what happens when you have to dress for the not so formal ones? Boys royal blue suit comes to the rescue of the men who want to try out a new style but without straying too far from the safety of the blue suits. Royal blue suits are the brighter and more exciting version of the navy blue suits. Navy blue suits hold the title of being the most versatile suits but royal blue suits would be the better choice for the fun and fashion events. In this article we will discuss more on the mens royal blue suits and why you should consider getting one of these suits for your collection.

We men have stuck with the subtle and darker versions of the suits and this has worked for us. Because in the past, blending in the crowd was the major aim and the dark suits did it perfectly. But in today’s world people have become aware of the different personalities and also are being accepting of it. Hence standing out from the crowd is not being viewed with much apprehension but rather with admiration. In that case, you will need more than dark and standard suits in your wardrobe. Boys royal blue suits will help you break out of that shell and it is indeed a good start.

The royal blue suit would be a good choice for the semi formal and casual events especially the ones that are scheduled to happen in summer or spring. This way the brighter nature of these seasons resonate well with the royal blue suits and give the wearer an appropriate look. Hence if you have a summer or beach wedding lined up then try choosing the branded royal blue suit for it. If you are the groom then go with the designer royal blue suits since it can do the magic of creating the perfect look for the wearer.

The royal blue suit comes with a style and presence that makes them a special choice. In a group of navy blue suits, you can be sure of the royal blue classic suit standing out. There are different styles of the royal blue suits and you should select them depending on the event you are attending. If it is a work related party then we would suggest you to get the royal formal blue suitstyle while for the fun ones go for the party wear royal blue suits.

royal blue Wool suits would be the usually preferred choice but you can also choose the silk royal blue suits for a better presence. We would suggest you to get thebranded royal blue suitssince they give you the best in all terms – be it the fabric, fit and overall quality. You can even get the royal blue suits on rent. You just have to search the web using royal blue suits near me option and soon you will be browsing through the numerous styles available. Getting the royal blue suits online is the effective way to ensure that you have gone through all available choices.

It might be easy to style the navy blue suits since it is a subtle style and most importantly we have had a lot of practice. Hence you might find the styling of the royal blue suit intimidating first but with time, you get used to it. For people who have braved the brighter shades, here are some easy ways in which you can make the royal blue suit outfit work for you.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Our beloved Sherlock Holmes and recent Doctor strange has always been a cool dresser. You can see him strutting on the red carpets in a simple but elegant style which is the perfect representation of the gentlemanly style. If you also consider his style to be impressive then you can choose his royal blue formal suit style. For the international film festival that he attended the actor was noticed in a stylish royal blue suit which he paired with a simple white dress shirt and a dark blue tie. He added with this outfit a white pocket square, a pair of clear glasses and a black leather oxford shoes. This is an outfit that is the perfect choice for the people who are trying the royal blue suit for the first time.

Blue suit
Justin Bieber

Royal blue contrasts well with black and of course the stylist of Justin Bieber knows this. For the fashion event that the young singer attended, he was seen wearing a skinny fit royal blue suit which was complemented with a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie. For further emphasis on the contrast created, the suit jacket had black buttons and black leather oxford shoes were introduced in the mix. This simple but effective combination would work for almost all types of events and is also easy to pull off.

Gerard Butler

The evergreen star is well known for his casual and cool style choices and he did the same for the BOSS event that he attended. The man was seen wearing a royal blue slim fit suit which he simply paired with a light grey crew neck t-shirt. If you are attending a casual event like an casual outdoor wedding then this could be an appropriate choice. A pair of black leather tassel loafers or grey suede loafers would rightly complete the look of this outfit.

Tom Hiddleston

The Loki starrer is not only known for his ridiculously hot looks and stylish British accent but also for his fashion sense. He slays both formal and casual looks and did the same with the royal blue suits. He paired the best quality royal blue suit with a white dress shirt and a black knit tie and skilfully styled hair.