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Boys Royal Blue Suit

When you are purchasing the first suit for your child then most would recommend you to go with blue suits. While you agree on this opinion what we beg to differ is the details of it. When we say blue suits most parents by default would reach for the boys navy suits. We get that it is versatile, classic but it is also one of the most boring picks you can make for your child. As a adult we understand your choice of going with navy suits because of the formal look but it is not the same with children. They are at a age in which you can experiment a little before reaching for the most obvious pick. So in this article we explain to you why you need to pick boys Royal Blue suits for your child and some of the best tips on how to style the garment.

royal blue boys suit
There are very few events for which you can dress up your child in suits. While the festive seasons like Christmas and Easter make up for the most part of it another one of the events that will need your child in suit is the weddings. And when you think hard you might note that most of these weddings tend to happen in the warmer months of summer or spring. These are bright seasons and thus the boys royal blue suit will inadvertently blend in well with the celebratory vibe of the event. If you aren't convinced still then make your first purchase to be navy suits and then get your child a boys Royal blue suit the next time.

As for the details involved with the styling of the boys royal blue suits there are a few details that you will have to specifically note which you might not consider to be a big deal when you purchase a suit for your own use. When it comes to children remember that the children are used to soft comfortable casual clothing and thus a little fuss over the fitting formal clothing is expected of them. But if your child flat out refuses to wear the suit that you pick then know that there is something wrong with the suit. Make sure that the material is comfortable to wear and works well for the season. Other than that you will also have to note for scratchy inner stitching and others that might make the child uncomfortable while wearing the suit. When you get these details right in the boys royal blue suit that you choose then making the child wear it will be an easy job.

Blue suit
As for the fabric from which the garment is made of choose it wisely. For example the boys royal blue wool suit might be a good choice when you live in a chilly place with mild summers. But if you live in a tropical place then the wool suit might make the child feel stuffy. In their case the lightweight ones like cotton boys royal blue suits and boys royal blue linen suits are preferred and you can style the same with an overcoat for the winter seasons.

Above mentioned fabrics will give your child a subtle look but when you want a garment for a dressy look then spend a little more by going with luxurious choices like boys royal blue silk suits and boys royal blue velvet suits. On the contrary if the boys royal blue suit is just a addition to the already full stacked wardrobe of your child and you would like to save a little then you can opt to go with synthetic ones like polyester boys royal blue suits or rayon boys royal blue suits. But the synthetic ones are usually not recommended for children since the materials are chemically processed and it might not be good for the delicate skin of the children. So make your choice wisely considering all the factors.

Children tend to look great in all clothing but you still have the obligation to research a little on impeccably styling your child for any event. We make the job slightly easier by providing you with some foolproof ideas of styling the boys royal blue suits. If you are dressing your child for the Christmas service or any other formal celebrations then it is best to stick with the classic style of pairing the single breasted boys royal blue suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. You can also try your hand with the boys royal blue 3 piece suit style since the vested boys royal blue suit style will only offer a still more refined look for your child. For a cute yet stylish look you can make your child wear boys royal blue double breasted suit paired with a light pink dress shirt and a red striped tie.

If the event is a semi formal or casual one then you can relax a little on the styling. For a dressy look you can pair the peak lapel boys royal blue suit with a black dress shirt or navy blue dress shirt. Other than this you can ditch the dress shirt and tie look and go with something a little more casual. You can pair the notch lapel boys royal blue suit with a white crew neck T-shirt or any of your child's favorite printed T-shirt. This will give your child a casual look but also help the styling process easier since you add a item of their pick. If you are dressing your child for a wedding then you can pair the boys royal blue shawl lapel suit with a white dress shirt and black now tie.

The fit of the boys royal blue suits is the final key point for a great look. Make sure that you go with nice fitting look by going with boys royal blue slim fit suits or modern fit boys royal blue suits. If your child is still small and thus would prefer a roomier fit go with boys royal blue classic fit suits.