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Boys Navy Suit

Boys 3 Button Suit If you are a parent especially a new one then you might understand the hectic job of picking out clothing for your children. Purchasing for children is not the same as purchasing clothes for ourselves since there are many other factors that you will have to note keeping in mind the comfort and liking of your child. This becomes even more hard when you want to dress your child in formal clothing like beige suits and tuxedos. In this article we discuss the navy suits and some of the best ways to style them.

Toddler Navy Suit There are a lot of varieties and colors in boys burgundy suits but why we recommend boys navy suits is because of their versatility. If you are getting your child the first suit most will tend to go with suits that you can let the child wear to various events. The first logical choice might be the black suits but there aren't many events that children will attend that will require of them to wear strictly black suits. In these cases you can opt to go with navy suits since they are sometimes considered even more versatile than the black suits. You can style your child in navy suit for any type of events be it formal or casual. The thing with black suits is that they tend to look sombre for some cheerful events which is not a concern with navy. This is because of the fact that blue is one of the most embraced color in menswear and navy in particular is the one that is preferred for formal use.

If you are convinced about getting the toddler navy suit for your child then here are some tips that we think will help you pick out the right one. As mentioned before there are some factors that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the suit for your child which wouldn't normally be the case when you purchase suits for yourself. Among all the other things the most important thing that you will have to note is the comfort of the child wearing it. Children do not tolerate uncomfortable clothing as much as adults do. Thus make sure that you select the right type of suiting fabric so that the child feels comfortable while wearing it.

While selecting the fabric of the suit the two factors that you will have to keep in mind is the event for which you are dressing the child and also the climate at which the event is going to held. For example if you are taking your child to a formal wedding event that is happening in winter then the logical choice would be to go with wool boys navy suits. The wool is the most recommended fabric since they are available in different weights and types. Flannel navy suits and worsted wool navy suits are some of the other choices that you can try out.

Toddler Wedding Suit Navy If the event is held in summer or other warmer seasons it is best to go with lightweight boys navy suits. Cotton brandy suits are a good choice since they deliver the formal look of the wool suits to almost same degree but at a lighter weight. Since cotton is a natural fabric it will also be comfortable for the sensitive skin of the children. For semi formal and casual events you can dress your child in linen navy suits. These lightweight suits are light and thus will keep the wearer comfortable even when the weather turns hot.

For special occasions like weddings and parties you can dress your child in luxurious fabrics like silk navy suits and velvet navy suits. These luxury fabrics might not look good with all colors since these fabrics look great when paired with dark colors. This is why we recommend you to try out the silk navy suits and Velvet navy suits for your child since they can make your child stand out from the rest easily especially if he is the ring bearer or the flower boy. Synthetic ones like polyester navy suits and rayon navy suits are usually not recommended since they contain chemical and processing that might affect the sensitive skin of the children.

Teenager Navy Suit As for styling the boys navy blue suits there are a lot of styles that you can try since children tend to pull off looks easily. For a formal boys navy suit look you can pair the single breasted navy suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie. If you are dressing him for a wedding then you can opt for a 3 piece navy suit paired with a black bow tie and black leather Oxford shoes. If it is a summer event the child might find the vest uncomfortable and in these cases you can lose it and stick with 2 piece navy suit look replacing it instead with a cummerbund or suspenders.

The advantage of boys beige suit is that you can get variations while styling it. For example you can use it as a 2 piece suit but you can lose the jacket and instead go with the trousers, shirt and vest look which is style favorite of many celebrities like David Beckham. Note that the fit of the boys navy suit should be perfect to deliver a nice look. We recommend you to go with slim fit boys navy suits and skinny fit boys navy suits that suits your child's body type. When you need a more roomier fit for your child then you can go with classic fit navy suits and if you want you can take it to your tailor and alter it for your child. If your child is refusing to wear the suit at the last minute so not panic and instead go with adding a favorite garment of theirs like a T-shirt or a accessory like watch so that they are interested.