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Mens Mens Monk Strap Shoes

While most men tend to be very content with the minimal fashion, shoes are one aspect which they pay special attention to. We definitely can go through almost all events with the black Oxford shoes but where is the fun in that? Mens monk strap shoes are currently the hot topic in the fashion world and we would like you to give these a try. Most of the laced shoes offer a similar kind of look and majority of the times, we just don’t mind. But when you are feeling fashionable and have the feel to try out something different then you should try choosing the mens monk strap shoes. Here is everything that we think that you should know about the particular style before you make the choice.

Plain Toe Shoe There are many varieties in mens dress shoes and mens monk strap shoes are one of the special choices. The look offered by the monk strap shoes is quite different than the standard style of the shoes and hence it is best to have at least one pair of the monk strap shoes in your footwear collection.

\ History of monk strap shoes

Today monk strap shoes are one among the preferred style among the sartorially elite people. This wasn’t the case in the past since the design of the monk strap shoes at that time was quite tacky. Square toed and shiny – the monk strap shoes at the 1990s were unrecognisable to the modern and sleek style that we have now.

As for the origin of the monk strap shoes, there is an interesting story behind the name. This style of the strapped shoes were first used by the namesake monks in Europe since it is was easier to put on and remove. They used this closed toe style of the shoes with straps as a traditional style of footwear. With time, people started adopting it as a alternative dress shoe style. The first version of the monk strap shoes inspired by the monk shoes had cap toes but today you can see varieties like monk strap shoes with plaid toes, brogues or even boots style.

Black Shoe The best advantage that the monk strap shoes has is the balance that it offers between the formal and casual look. If you are bored with the standard style of the Oxford shoes but aren’t quite ready to shift to the casualness of the loafers then you should be choosing the monk strap shoes. At the start this middle of the road look offered by the monk strap shoes was considered a nuisance since men found it hard to style. They found it too casual for the suits but too dressy for the casual outfits. But today this middle of the road look of the unique monk strap shoes has only aided to the versatility of the particular style. If you are a person who likes to change the look often then you should definitely add a pair of monk strap shoes to your collection.

While getting the monk strap shoes there are a few things that you should be noting. There are different styles of these shoes and only when you get to know the options you can make the right choice. First of is important to check out the sites and shops that have the monk strap shoes on sale.For this you can use the monk strap shoes near me option since it can immediately provide you with the list of the stores and sites which have the style. You can even check for the ones that have the monk strap shoes on discounts.If you are shopping for the monk strap shoes online then you should make sure to order the right size. Most sites have the size chart which you can check out to find the right size. You can check through varied collections in varied price ranges without breaking a sweat. You can switch from the most expensive monk strap shoes to monk strap low cost shoes without doing any hard explaining. These are some of the reasons why most people prefer online shopping.

As for the style, if you are getting the shoes for any special occasion then it would be a good choice to go with the designer monk strap shoes. It offers a rich look along with providing appropriate choice for the event. While most people would go with the calfskin leather while choosing the monk strap formal wear shoes there are other choices to consider.

Carrucci Suit Monk Strap Shoe Ostrich Shoe Gator Skin Shoe

Exotic skin monk strap shoes

Calfskin leather shoes are the ones that are most preferred since they are available at an affordable range. But when you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd then you should be going with the exotic skin costly monk strap shoes. These shoes are more expensive than the calfskin leather shoes but offer a rich and powerful look for the wearer.

Alligator skin monk strap shoes are the ones that are most preferred and they are also the most expensive. If you are attending a high end party and want your look to be impressive then you can choose these shoes. You can also go with monk strap crocodile skin shoes. These offer a similar kind of look but are less expensive than the alligator skin shoes. There are more choices like the ostrich skin monk strap shoes and lizard skin monk strap shoes.These come with unique prints on them which makes them special.

As for the styling you can wear the monk strap shoes with almost all outfits. Know that the monk strap shoes are less formal than the Oxford shoes but are dressier than the derby shoes and brogues. Whether be it for formal wear or casual wear the monk strap shoes can deliver the right kind of look. The type of event for which you are styling the shoes is the most important thing. For example, you can avoid wearing the monk strap shoes to the office meetings while you can wear them for the simple gatherings.