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Mens Camel Shoes

Imagine that you are going shopping for shoes. What would be your usual choice? Black or dark brown shoes right? These are the choices that most of the men would make since these shoes are considered to be the most versatile ones. While the black and dark brown shoes are indeed versatile, there are other styles that you should try out instead of sticking to the same. Camel shoes are our recommendation for today. They won't much different than the brown shoes and thus this is an option that anyone can try – starting from the subtle dresser to the flashy ones. We will now discuss more about mens camel shoes in this article and some of the ways in which you can style it in different ways.

Though the camel shoes have been in use for a long time, they aren't much popular like the black and dark brown shoes. Since camel is a lighter shade, it is considered to be more casual than the dark shoes. But in recent times, the people are loving the camel shade both in shoes and garments. Camel overcoats have become a common style just like the black and navy coats. If you want to know how this unique shade came into use, you will have to follow the story back to the last century.

It was the time of World War and everything was rationed. The wool at that time became scarce and thus the clothing industry was forced to look for an alternative. This was the time when the camel hair came into use and it soon picked up. Thus camel hair coats and blazers were the fashionable look at that time. After the war ended, the wool supply became normal but the people loved the camel shade so much that they retained it on the wool garments too. Since then the camel coats and the camel color in general became mainstream.

While choosing the camel color shoes there are few things that you should note. The first thing is the material from which the shoes are made. Camel leather shoes are the most preferred choice but you can try going with the camel suede shoes too. But if you are looking for a more special and eye catching look, then you should think of going with the exotic skin shoes.

Camel Alligator shoes would be our first recommendation since it is the most popular style. The unique and elegant pattern on the shoes make them look great when paired with the formal garments like the suits and even the tuxedos. Keep in mind that the gator skin shoes are the most expensive of all the exotic skin shoes but the look that they offer would be worth every penny you spend on it.

But if you still consider the alligator shoes to be too pricey, then try crocodile shoes. These shoes are mostly similar to the alligator skin shoes but are much cheap. Other than these, there are also other options in camel exotic skin shoes. Whichever the choice you make, you should be clear that it is authentic genuine camel shoes. There are a lot of lookalikes and fake ones in the market for which the vendors might charge a high price. Go with the branded choices like the camel ferrini mens shoes. These branded names assure the quality of the shoes that you choose. Handcrafted ferrini shoes and Italian camel shoes are some of the best choices that you can find.

If you are quite impressed with the camel shoes style but do not have much idea about the styling, then we are here to help. Here are some of the ways in which you can style the camel shoes. This can give you an idea of what would work out for you and what not.

For a formal style that is also sleek and dapper, you can style the brown plaid blazer with a white dress shirt, Tobacco tie and a pair of brown dress pants. To round off this look, you can add with it a pair of tan socks and camel shoes. If you are a fashion savvy guy, then you can style the navy blazer with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy print tie and a pair of brown dress pants. A pair of cognac camel color shoes would be perfect to add a touch of refinement to the straightforward look.

Camel Shoe If you are a subtle dresser this outfit would be a perfect choice for you. Styling a grey plaid blazer with a pink striped dress shirt, black tie and a pair of charcoal dress pants is a chic and classy look. To get a nice look but without much effort you can style the mens camel shoes with the outfit.

If you are looking for a smart casual look, you can style the navy blazer with a charcoal crew neck t-shirt and a pair of dark brown corduroy dress pants. To give the outfit a different spin, you can round it off with a pair of camel leather shoes. For a more stylish and elegant look you can style the brown wool blazer with a white dress shirt, brown gingham waistcoat and a pair of blue jeans. To add an extra code of sophistication to this outfit, you can include a pair of dark green socks and camel shoes.

Moving on to the casual styles, the camel shoes look the best with these styles. For example, if you are looking for a stylish off duty look you can style the black crew neck t-shirt with a navy print flannel long sleeve shirt and a pair of black ripped jeans. To smarten up the look, you can style the camel shoes mens. If you like a little more color to the outfit, you can choose to style the red Henley shirt, tan bomber jacket and a pair of navy jeans. This outfit would be perfect to be finished off with a pair of camel shoes.