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We always have the urge to try out new things. It is the same for everyone but not everyone acts on this urge. Only some people actually let themselves try out new things and often these are the people who end up making style statements when it comes to fashion industry. If you are one among the these people or aspiring to be one then you should try wearing the shoes. You must already have quite a collection of shoes but when it comes to mens sharkskin shoes there are special characteristics that set them apart from the usual calfskin leather shoes. We would like you to introduce to the shoes in this article.

White Boot Sharkskin leather has always been associated with the luxury goods. The shark skin leather is usually used to produce handbags, shoes and more. If you are looking for an unique and rugged look, then you should try going with the shoes. If you are interested and want to know more about it, read the article further since we include everything that you need to know about the shoes in this article.

The shark hides are usually got from the food industry as a by product. While the shark meat is used for human consumption, the skin is sold for making these goods. Mostly the leather used for the making of these sharkskin shoes mens is from the blue shark. This is because of the fact that the blue shark meat is not desirable for the consumption and thus are mostly sold for the making of the shoes and other exotic items. It is said that the leather from about 25 species of sharks are desirable for making of these items and only 2 are near the threatened category. Thus the leather fir the exotic goods are got from the species that aren’t endangered or threatened. There are even regulations in the government that helps in the protection of these species.

Coming back to the sharkskin dress shoes, you must know the advantages and disadvantages to decide whether the shoes will be a worthy investment. The popularity of the sharkskin shoes has risen in the recent years and not without a reason. Usually we go with the calfskin leather shoes which has a smooth appearance. But if you are looking for a pair of shoes that will make you look different and maybe even more masculine, then shoes are the best pick.

Brown Boot The sharkskin leather shoes come with a pebbled appearance since there are rough and hard scales present on the skin and they are called denticles. These denticles are ground down so that the shoes will get a smooth texture which in turn results the pebbled appearance. Apart from the unique look that it offers, the sharkskin leather is also very strong. Even with the scales toned down, the sharkskin leather shoes tend to avoid the scuffs and the scratches that appear with the rough use of the calfskin shoes. It is even said that the untanned skin of the sharks were used as sandpapers by woodworkers in the 18th and 19th century. Thus if you are looking for a pair of strong and durable shoes, then you should definitely try going with the sharkskin shoes mens.

Other than the durable and strong nature, the shark leather is also water proof. This is an obvious point since it is Shark skin that you are using and the creatures literally live in water. However the quality of the shoes matters since the finish of these shoes determine the extent of the waterproofing. When you go with the well known branded sharkskin shoes they are usually hair stuffed and contains oils making them more water resistant. We would recommend you to choose the shoes that are handmade since they usually have more details. Vestigium mens shoes are one of our recommendations if you have been looking for handmade sharkskin b>cognac shoes or similar products.

The shark skin by nature is a hard and rough material thus making the tanning process important. The texture of the shoes will not be comfortable to wear if not ground down. Thus if you are looking for a pair of soft and supple leather shoes, it would be better for you to stick with the calfskin shoes. But when it comes to the look offered by the handmade sharkskin shoes, they are indeed eye catching. The scales even after grounding down offer a shiny texture to the shoes which gives the shoes a fashionable look. If you are interested in a pair of awesome shoes, then shoes outfits are the best choice.

Cognac Shoe Black Shoes Sharkskin Shoe Brown Shoe

Now there are various styles of the sharkskin shoes and you can choose the one which would suit you the best. For example, if you are looking for a rugged pair of shoes which you can wear with a pair of jeans and cowboy hat, then you should think of going with the sharkskin Chelsea boots. But if you are looking for a pair of shoes that you can occasionally wear with the formal garments then you should think of going with the sharkskin formal shoes like the oxford shoes and sharkskin derby shoes. When you choose the right color of these shoes, then you might be resulted with the best look.

On the other hand if you are looking for a pair of fashion shoes which you can wear to both the formal and casual events, then try going with the sharkskin dress loafers. They would offer a great look both for pairing with the suits or with the casual garments. Usually when people choose the shoes, they are advised to go with the sharkskin black shoes or the dark sharkskin brown shoes. But if you like a cool look then try out the cognac sharkskin shoes. You can even go with the fashionable choices like the faded genuine shoes. Just make sure that the leather is authentic.