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Men's Spats Shoes

If you are a person who loves to know about vintage trends and styles then you might have already known about spats Men's shoes. The vintage trend was common in the late 19th and early 20thcentury but with time they fell out of use. But in recent times, the spats Men's shoes is coming back in style. It is quite interesting how we circle back to the old styles and make it our own. In this article, we will discuss more about spats Men's shoes and how you can make the look work for you.

Spats is a shortened name for spatterdashes or spatter guards. This style of the footwear accessory covers the instep and ankle of the wearer. Often people confuse spats with gaiters but they are two different things. While the spats are worn with the shoes, the gaiters are worn over the lower trouser leg of the shoes.

Why are spats worn?

The spats were worn commonly by men but women wore it too. Only during the 1920s, they fell out of style. The spats are often made of cloth or felt material and they come in white or grey colors. The spats are worn around the ankle and the main purpose of this accessory was to protect the shoes and socks from the mud and rain. Spats apart from their functional use was also considered to be a vital part of a stylish ensemble at that time. The color of the spats were often matched with the color of the gloves.

Why spats went out of style?

The spats were in style during the Victorian era of fashion but with time, the people started to prefer simple clothes instead of the extravagant formal ones. Since the formal style went out of fashion, with it went the use of spats shoes. It is also said that the trend started with the royals. By 1926 King George V wore a black morning coat to the opening event of the London season instead of wearing a frock coat this ushering the civilians also to do the same. The king also left out the spats which was even noted by the commentators. The spats shoes have also been a common occurrence in the military uniforms all over the world. Even today spats Men's shoes is considered to be a distinctive feature of the Scottish dress of the pipe bands.

Now the style has come back in style but not in all places. There are still a majority group of people who do not know about the particular footwear accessory. If you want to choose the spats Men's shoes style then you can wear them for the appropriate events like costume parties and more. If you are attending a fun costume party that has a vintage theme then including stylish spats leather shoes to the outfit would be a good choice.

It might be hard to get the best quality spats Men's shoes since the style is not very common. If you want to get the style, you can use phrases like spats shoes near me to find the list of sites that have these spats shoes on sale. You can check out the various styles of the spats Men's shoes and choose a pair depending on the quality and the budget. If it is a formal and important event that you are attending then you can choose to go with the most expensive spats oxford shoes. But if you are getting it simply for fun purposes then you can choose to go with the low cost spats shoes. In our site, we have different styles of these shoes and we also give out the spats shoes on discounts.

Styling of the spats Men's shoes

The designers choice for this season would be to take on the spats like look. If you aren’t very sure about choosing the spats look then you can start by wearing the wide pants. The wide end of the pants go all the way to the front of the shoes and thus offers a spats like look.

While choosing the spats, make sure that you go with the best quality spats stingray shoes all the time. The classic spats Men's shoes should have a loop that fits under the shoe and the fabric should be longer than the ankle length. This fabric is tucked to fit around the ankle. The spats are also comes with buttons that shows the outside of the foot of the wearer.

There are many practical uses for the spats and thus you should consider choosing to add them with the outfits, especially people who work manual labour. For example, the spats can avoid burns for the people who work with the melting of the metals. Also people who work with chainsaw often suffer injuries in the foot and spats can reduce that. Also if you are a sportsperson then you can include these unique spats shoes to your play gear or simply paste the spats on. This method is called as spatting. These spats Men's shoes used for the protection are made of semi-stiff leather so that it can elbow the blow to a certain degree.

But if you are intending to use the spats Men's shoes with the nicely dressed formal outfits then you can choose to go with designer spats Men's shoes that come in materials like silk or satin. Other than this these dress spats are also made in fake leathers. They are also available in different colors and patterns. We would suggest you to take the time to go through these options before making the choice. The spats casual shoes have become a funky fashion accessory and if you are a person who loves to distinguish yourself with your unique style then you can go with these flashy style spats Men's shoes if you are a fan of the gangster style then you should definitely try out the style since the accessory is closely connected with mob wear and you can note them used in the gangster movies too.