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Mezlan Alligator Shoes

mezlan-alligator-shoes Mezlan is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to footwear. This custom brand has been in business for decades and is one of the best when it comes to any kind of bravo shoes especially the exotic shoes. All these shoes are well known for their style and sophistication and also for the world class craftmanship. The genuine source of quality and style that the brand offers has created a them a great level of fans thus making them known worldwide.

Mens-Oxford-Dress-Shoe As for the history of this world renowned brand it was started about 50 years ago by a man called Antonio Sanchez. This man the owner, designer and president of the Mezlan brand grew up in a family of farming background in Almansa. Almansa is a part of a region called Castle La Mancha in Spain. This Castle is of the 14th century and sits atop the towns high cliff. The people living down made shoes for living and had skilled shoemakers and has a rich history. This history is a long one and had shoemakers who were in business for generations. Antonio who grew up looking all these talents decided that this was the path he is going to take. He arrived to the United States in 1985 and immediately started on a tour that kept him in road for about 260 days. This was the planning time when he visited accounts and introduced the Mezlan brand to premier department stores some of them being big names of that time like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. He also visited all the finest independently owned boutiques which housed quality clothing and navy blue shoes. This was the basic foundation he layed for his brand. Antonio for a short time remained the sole North American sales in the market.

After this he married an American girl and the pair became the partners in business too. He had factories and studios in Spain, Italy and California thus making him a master to maneuver between the continents and making his brand worldwide famous.

Belvedere-Brown-Caiman-Skin-Shoes Today Mezlan dress shoes have maintained the name and still more have expanded. It is said that the quality and craftsmanship is so unique and detailed that atleast a 100 pair of hands touch each pair of Mezlanalligator shoes throughout the production process. Even today the factory in Almansa stands tall making the heritage brand rooted to his authentic surroundings of the past and the present.

When it comes to dress shoes you will need a pair of rust shoes that will stand the test of time. This means that the leather used should be of great quality. Mezlanalligator shoes are made of quality calfskin which is very durable. You can also go with some of the exotic leathers like alligator or crocodile skins. Mezlanalligator shoes are known to be very comfortable and this is an important quality since you will need to wear the dress shoes usually for a long time. These mezlan alligator shoes are soft and also ages better.