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Mens-Black-Dress-Shoes Though most men seem to not care much about the garments and accessories that they wear, there are some who really put in effort to style their garments and the overall look. One rare thing that most men love to research about and do not mind spending money on is the tuxedo shoes. But the thing is most men stick to the usual types of tuxedo shoes and do not dare to venture more than that. If you are a person who loves to try on different styles of shoes then the choices are abundant. You just have to get to know them and then give it a try.

Two tone shoes are the ones that have two colors on it. They are also widely known as spectator shoes. The thing with two tone shoes is that you can get any type of shoes that you want like the Oxford, a Derby or a Loafer in this style. These two tone shoes regardless of the type have two distinct tones on the upper. You can select the two tone tuxedo shoes like white shoes and brown and white dress shoes. This two tone shoes style has long been in history and you can see this type of shoes used in films like the Great Gatsby and many other period films. The two tone shoes style is classy and at the same time makes you look stylish.

When you start to try these two toned shoes you can select the colors based on your personality type. Now if you are a person who likes to stick to the classic designs you can limit the contrasting colors choice of two tone shoes to black and white tuxedo shoes. This maintains the formality of the shoes and also gives you a fashionable look. Another classic option is to go with brown and white two tone shoes. It is always best for you to get these shoes in leather materials so that they look classy and also are durable.

Mens-Black-Shiny-Dress-Shoes mens-dress-shoes mens-tuxedo-shoesMens-Black-Dress-Shoes

Other than this you can choose from a variety of color combinations like navy and gray two tone shoes, black and beige two tone shoes, light brown and dark brown two tone shoes and many more. To decide on the color you should keep in mind the purpose of these shoes that you are purchasing. If you are thinking of using these shoes for formal occasions and semi formal ones then it may be best for you to go with the classic color combinations like black and white evening shoes or brown and white tuxedo shoes. But if you are thinking of using these shoes for casual settings then you have a lot more options. You can select lighter and brighter colors but make sure that they do not overpower your outfit unintentionally.

mens-dress-shoes When it comes to tuxedos it is a formal garment that you wear to the important events like black tie events and such. When you go for these formal events usually men tend to go with the classic style of black shoes. So to conform with the outfit and the event that you are attending you must go with black and white leather tuxedo shoes if you are thinking of going with the two tone shoes.

Another great advantage with the black and white tuxedo shoes when compared with other colored shoes is that they are the most versatile option that you can get in the market. You can wear these white tuxedo shoes to any event whether be it formal or casual. You can also wear these black tuxedo shoes with other formal garments like suits and blazers too. They help you go with the classic style of tuxedo shoes but at the same time look stylish for the event.

Now there are a lot of styles in black tuxedo shoes. You can select the type based on your taste. For example if you want to go with the traditional styles then you must select the black and white Oxford shoes. These formal black and white tuxedo shoes have long been in history and considered to be the most formal type of tuxedo shoes available. But on the contrary if you want to go with a little more casual type then you can try out black and white slip on tuxedo shoes. These casual white tuxedo shoes are lace less and are a modern option when compared with the laced styles.

Mens-Shoes-Black-White These black and white tuxedo shoes are also available in wingtip style. For people who don't know wingtip shoes are shoes which has its toecap extended and with low wings which reach the sides of the shoe. Most of these black and white wingtip tuxedo shoes are brogued and also two tone shoes. These two tone wingtip shoes have the body of the shoe in one color and the toecap with its wings in another color. These black and white wingtip tuxedo shoes are a good addition to a stylish wardrobe.

All these mentioned styles are the ones that you can wear to formal events and the ones that are most preferred. But if you are a person who would like to try on new styles then you can go with new black and white tuxedo shoes fashions. There are a lot of new black and white designs like black and white embroidered tuxedo shoes and many others. Adding details on the tuxedo shoes will make you stand out among the crowd of usual styles.

The fit of the white tuxedo shoes is one of the most important aspects. So when you select your black and white tuxedo shoes make sure that you get the right size which you feel comfortable in. If you are a very tall person then you can go with black and white flat tuxedo shoes while the shorter men can go with black and white high tuxedo shoes for a balanced look.