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Mens Black Velvet Shoes

The moment you get an invitation to a formal event, we all start worrying about the outfit that we are going to wear. If it is a black tie event then there is the job of finding the best black tuxedo and then pairing it with the right combining garments. Usually people focus much on the clothing and leave out the accessories. Most people would simply choose the black patent leather shoes to be paired with the tuxedos, instead if giving it much thought. Today we are here to suggest an alternative which is the mens black velvet shoes. The velvet shoes are having a moment now in fashion and it is time that we acknowledge the style and make it our own.

Black Shoe The velvet shoes have been with us in fashion for a long time now. The style is said to have originated in the Victorian era and gone through various changes to pass through centuries. The velvet shoes were considered to be a part of gentlemanly attire during the Victorian era and Prince Albert was a fan. We even have a style of the velvet slipper named after him. We know that the evening wear of men went through changes with time but people dropped the slippers to choose the formal leather shoes instead. The velvet shoes instead became the ones that were paired with the smoking jackets and thus became the smoking shoes. The black tie style has been rigid now for a long time but recently the people are accepting the fashion changes. Thus when you are choosing the dinner Jacket style for the next formal event you are attending, make sure that you try out the black velvet shoes in styles.

While pairing the velvet shoes with the black tie attire, it is important to be more formal and careful in the selection of the shoes. It is still important that the look should be appropriate for the event you are attending and thus it all should be fine details. If you are looking for an elegant pair of shoes to be paired with the black tie attire then you can choose the velvet black slipon shoes without much contemplation.

Velvet Shoe While choosing the velvet shoes to be paired with the black tuxedo, it would be great to stick with mens black velvet shoes, especially if you are trying the look for the first time. This way your outfit would look streamlined and perfect for the event. It would also easily blend in with the look and create a full blown fashion statement but without attracting too much attention. Go through the various black shoes velvet collections since there are a lot of styles present in the market. For example, if you are looking for a simple yet elegant style then you could go with the plain house velvet slipper that comes with the soft velvet and satin quilted lining. But if you are thinking to buy black velvet shoes that are plain and presentable while also being comfortable to wear then we would suggest you to choose the round toe black velvet shoes since they provide more room for the toes of the wearer.

Each black velvet shoes designs offer a different type of look and advantage to the outfit. Thus it would be best for you to spend some time in going through the styles and then make your pick. If you prefer offline shopping then check out the black velvet shoes in store but it might take a lot of time. Our recommendation would be for you to but mens black velvet shoes online since you could check through many more styles all in your leisure time. Check the sites that have the black velvet shoes for sale and then check for the quality and trustworthiness. There are options to search through the styles with your preference like for example you can filter through the options with respect to the velvet black and blue shoes price. You just have to determine your budget and then look through the styles that come under it.

If you are convinced about getting yourself a pair of black velvet shoes but aren’t too sure about the styling of the same then here are some ideas that you can check out. The first recommendation would always be of the black tie attire since the boost that the velvet shoes give to the black tie attire is something that everyone should try. Pairing a black tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a vest or a cummerbund is the standard attire. When you add a pair of black formal shoes velvet shoes mens to the outfit, the look becomes more stylish and elegant.

Black Shoe If you are done with the black tie attire and want to wear the shoes with other outfits too then here are some ideas. For a casual but elegant look, you can style the charcoal grey turtleneck with a pair of black plaid chinos and a grey overcoat. A pair of branded black velvet shoes would perfectly round off this style and make you look perfect.

For a more formal look that you can probably wear to an office event, you can style the dark green wool blazer with a white dress shirt, dark green plaid tie and a pair of charcoal dress pants. Now a pair of black velvet shoes in winter along with burgundy socks will complete the look. For a stylish smart casual look, pair the brown velvet blazer with a black turtleneck and a pair of Charcoal grey jeans. To dial up the look of this relaxed yet refined outfit, add with it a pair of embroidered black casual shoes velvet shoes for men. For a cool and relaxed summer style, you could style the navy long sleeve shirt with a pair of beige chinos. All you now need is a pair of black velvet loafers in summer and maybe black sunglasses to make the outfit magazine worthy.