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Belvedere Exotic Skin Shoes

Fashion tends to move in waves, and in today’s easier, unfussy market, glitz and gold might seem just a bit over the top. However, boring isn’t the only way to be fashion forward either. Exotic skins and many more faux exotic skins can bridge the gap between too much and not enough. Skins can vary from neon embossed leather that mimics python and ostrich to very expensive and exclusive skins that are 100% real and authentic. When talking about real skins, they are an investment pieces. These are exotic skins that will last longer than your life span. They can be passed down from generation to generation, still remaining a quality piece. These are purchased for longevity- any crocodile, alligator or ostrich shoe, bag jacket or belt, that is authentic, typically can cost from around $250 up to several thousand dollars. Yes, exotic skins can be quite the expense, which is why their less expensive cousins are widely available, and still very desirable. These print items that mimic exotic skins are good stand-ins for certain. Someone, who isn’t willing to break the bank, still has a large variety of printed skins available to them.

We here at Men’s USA are a proud carrier of some of the highest quality exotic leather hides and skins from around the world. We offer alligator, crocodile, caiman, python, stingray, snake, ostrich leg, ostrich quill, as well as eel. Most of our Alligator skins come from American alligators, which are more popularly found from south Florida up to North Carolina and are typically found in swamps and slow moving streams. The Chinese alligator, although it has been removed from the endangered species list as of 1987, are now raised on farms due to the high commercial value it’s gained throughout the years. Crocodile on the other hand, is a skin that has been banned in many parts of the world, however is still being used in the making of purses, belts and shoes. Most of the crocodile leather has to be handled and produced in Italy from tanneries that have been issued special licenses to remain using croc. The most desirable crocodile comes from South East Asia and the northern coastline of Australia.

Our Los Angeles Store located at:1246 Westwood Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90024

Ostrich leather is native to the African continent, but farmed worldwide. Ostrich has been used for thousands of years and were at one time worth more than their weight in gold. Ostrich skin is highly prized for its durability, strength and beauty and makes a beautiful pair of shoes, along with belts, wallets and bags to go with it. Contrary to popular belief, the ostrich feathers are cut from the body with a sharp tool, rather than being plucked to create the quill look. As for snakeskins, these are often seen in footwear, as well, as belts. The most common snakes used are the cobra and python. Typically the snakeskin belly and back are both utilized when making these authentic shoes. The major difference between using a snakeskin or a lizard skin is that lizard skin is very thin yet not prone to tearing, allowing for hand- stitching finishes and applications to be added as fancier features.

We carry a large variety of exotic skins and prints from around the world, with a wide array of colors, styles and fits. Along with shoes we also have matching skin or print, belts, hats and wallets and briefcases that not only are a fashion statement, but also make a great gift for the holiday season or any monumental birthday celebration. We work one on one with some of the best exotic skin manufactures around the world in order to deliver a hand crafted item that was made just for you. Along with offering these beautiful style exotic skins, we can also create one that is made just for you, custom. Chose the skin and we would be happy to have it crafted in the color of your preference, just for you. Custom made orders typically take from 4 to 6 weeks to have them hand made. We would be happy to help answer any of your exotic skin questions and help direct you to finding the perfect skin that you are in search for!

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