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Velvet Prom Suit

Prom is one of the most important events in a teenagers life. With the technology advancements the pictures that you take on the special night are going to last for decades. Thus it becomes imperative that you dress properly for the event. While you select your attire for the prom night the most popular suggestion that you will hear is to go with tuxedos. This is because of the fact that prom is an old tradition that has been followed for decades. Therefore the tradition of wearing tuxedos to the event is passed on. But in recent times people tend to go with new styles instead of sticking with the old. Also the fact that there is no distinguishing design of tuxedos is not helping. One such new style that has occupied the prom attire is the velvet suits.

Velvet prom suit is not a new style and has been in fashion for a long time. It was in the early times known as the symbol of resistance against the authorities. Nowadays it is more of a luxury style rather than a look of resistance. Velvet suits are the best choice when it comes to party season. It makes you stand apart from the crowd but in a subtle and elegant way. The velvet suits are soft and luxurious with a subtle sheen about them which sets them apart. But when you style the velvet suits it is important to be careful since you do not want to take a trip to the look of the 1970s.

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The velvet prom suits or velvet suits on the whole have been repeatedly making their appearance in the runways of all the major designers and brands like Tom Ford and Gucci. There are every possible styles in velvet suits - jacquard to digitally printed styles. You need to select the one that best suits you from the abundance which is available. While you are selecting the velvet suits there are some things that you will have to keep in mind to get the right pick.

If you are starting out with velvet and are still hesitant to go all out with velvet suits then you start with minimal designs. You can wear a normal suit and then add details like a velvet bow tie or velvet long tie to the mix. Other than this you can also add accessories like velvet pocket squares and velvet shoes to your outfit.

But if you decide to go with velvet prom suits then remember that the fit of the garment is very important. Velvet is a luxury fabric and can easily garner attention. Therefore it is important that you get the fit accurate and look great in the outfit. A very tight fit will make you look like a clown while a loose fit can make you look sloppy. So make sure to invest some time in selecting the right kind of fit that complements your body type.

Two-Buttons-Silver-Gray-Suit It is always best to go with custom velvet prom suit since they are specially made for your measurements. But most of the people, especially the students, cannot afford the cost of the custom velvet suit. But if you have the budget for it then go with the custom made suits. For people who cannot afford custom made suits the next best option is to go with off the rack velvet prom suit. Though the fit might not be accurate like the custom made ones you can still get a decent fitting off the rack velvet suit. If you are a tall and lean person then it is best for you to go with skinny fit velvet suit. They fit you like the second skin and accentuates your body type. If you are a lean and short person then it is best to go with slim fit prom suit. This fit is the most popular one in recent times among the younger generation and can make the wearer look taller if tailored properly. If you come under the big and tall category then it is best for you to go with classic fit velvet prom suit. They have a roomier design when compared with the former styles and can suit any body type. But after you get the suit you will have to take it to your tailor to make the fit perfect. Thus it is important that you start looking for your velvet suit some time before the event so that you don't panic at the last minute.

As for the style of the velvet suit you can go with single breasted velvet suit for a versatile pick. The double breasted velvet suit is considered to be a much more dressier and formal pick when compared to the single breasted styles. So if you want to go with fancy velvet suit then go with double breasted style. But single breasted styles are the most preferred ones since they can also be easily used as separates.

Taupe-Color-2-Button-Suit As for the material of the velvet suit you can go with wool velvet prom suit if you want a thicker garment. But if you want lightweight ones then it is best for you to go with options such as linen suit and cotton velvet suit.

Other than the usual designs if you want to go with unique velvet suits then you can try out patterned velvet suit. The patterns on the velvet suit depends on the taste of the wearer. For example if you want a formal patterned velvet suit then you can go with plaid velvet suit and such. But if you want a dressier style of patterned velvet suits that you can wear to the parties and events where you have to dress up you can go with options like paisley velvet suit and floral patterned velvet suit.