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Men's Gray Prom Suits

Gray suits are the underdogs who don’t get the praise that they deserve. Sure we all have a gray suit or several in our wardrobes but most consider it not to be too exciting. It is just a neutral colored suit that can get them through the work days. But gray prom suit is one of the best styles that you can have in your wardrobe since is the most versatile of the suits. You can make the gray suits work for any type of occasion regardless of it being formal or casual. This definitely makes them special and there are variations in it. We will guide you through the details and help you tap the potential of the gray suits.

Slimfit Suit Of course gray is the neutral color and this is the biggest advantage there is when it comes to suits. You can style them for any occasion without garnering too much attention. It also provides a canvas for the styling of the outfit and thus depending on the occasion and the type of combining garments you are going with they can transform into any style. This is one of the reasons why the gray prom Men's suits are greatly preferred by most men.

Also there are numerous shades of gray (possibly 50) and each offer a different type of look for the wearer. While you check the web for the shades of the gray prom suits you might be flooded with fancy names till you give up. Instead of trying to know all the shaded it would be best to divide them into broad categories. To know the shade you can try to use the white lines – for example if the white line looks blended with the shade of the suit then it is classified as light gray while with dark gray prom suits they tend to stand out starkly. The middle shade is usually defined as the medium gray. Think about the nature of the event and then make the appropriate choice.

We were not joking when we said that the gray prom Men's suits can transform for any occasion. You just have to know to play a bit with the styling. For people who are new to the suiting business and would appreciate some guidance we are here to help. Here we have compiled some of the best gray prom Men's suit outfit ideas that have caught our eye in the recent times.

2 Button Suit Business and grey

One of the reasons why gray prom suits tend to remain a style favorite of men is that they have become the perfect style to wear to work. A dark gray fitted prom suit would literally conform with any business dress codes. Thus people who do not particularly like pondering over their outfit choices on a Monday morning would adore the gray prom Men's suits.

If you are one among them and you want to purchase gray suits for your business related events we would like you to show variety instead of sticking to the same old style everytime. Instead of always choosing the dark gray prom Men's suit you can also choose to go with medium gray wool suit jacket and then pair it with different garments. Other than this you can also opt to go with the patterned choices like the gray prom pinstripe suit. Even the people who are not very well acquainted with the patterned suits can do well with the pinstripe suits.

The stripes on the gray prom suits should be noted for their width and color. Pinstripes are usually narrow to the point where the suit looks solid when viewed from a distance. As for the color of the stripes go with white ones when you need a prominent look while black ones provide a subtle look.

Smart casual gray suits style

Gray Suit If your office has a smart casual dress code and you don’t have to stick with the most formal styling of the suits all with the ties and such then you have more flexibility with the styling. For a stylish yet appropriate look you can style the mens gray suit jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. To complete the look you can add a pair of black leather Oxford shoes since the formal look has to be maintained. There are workplaces which now offer dress code relaxations to the point where the employees can come dressed in jeans.

Other than work places gray prom suits can also work for events like prom and parties. Some consider it too sombre for these events but when styled right they can give the right impression. For example if the prom event is quite formal you can go with the gray 3 piece prom suit but if it is on the casual side you can go with a classy and trendy choice like the gray prom plaid suits. You can complete these styles with a pair of black leather loafers or monk strap shoes.

Casual gray suits

When it comes to casual events you can style the gray prom Men's suits with casual garments like crew neck t-shirts and tank tops. We would recommend you to go with light gray prom suits for the summer events since the color works well in the bright seasons. If you are attending a summer beach wedding then pairing the gray suit prom wedding with a white linen suit would be a cool and laid back style. A pair of suede gray loafers would be a perfect way to round off the outfit.

While choosing these summer gray prom slimfit suits we would like you to focus on the fabric. With the scorching temperatures it is always best for you to go with lightweight styles. Cotton gray suits are the ones that are usually recommended given that you are intending to use it occasionally for formal purposes. But if you want a laid back and beach party type look the our recommendation would be to go with gray linen prom suit.