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Are you looking for a prom outfit? Do you want a look that is both formal but would also not make you look like you have stepped out of the early 2000s? Then you should go with the black and blue prom suit look. The reason why we recommend you to go with the blue and black prom suit is because of the fact that men are used to both the colors making it one of the easiest styles to pull off. But blue and black is not a very usual style to be paired with each other and thus there might some confusion on deciding on these outfits. We are here to help and we give you some of the best blue and black suit outfits that we think might work for the event.

Obviously there are a 100 different ways in which you can style the blue and black suit. It all depends on the type of look that suits your taste and personality. But before you decide on the outfit we would like you to go through all your options. There is a style for any occasion be it formal or casual. You just have to spend some time and then use your own sense of fashion while finding the right style for you. The type of the event and your sense of taste is what matters most of the selection of the blue and black prom suit outfits.

As for the prom there are different types that are being followed now. At the start of this tradition it was mostly a formal event and ironically it was started to teach the college students social etiquette while they graduate. Later it was adopted by the schools and has been followed since then. While the tradition of the event remains the same many factors have changed and one among them is the dress codes. In the past most of the prom events tend to stick with the black tie attire. But now even though there are black tie events there are also semi formal and casual proms. Thus before you decide on the outfit you should consider the type of prom you are attending. This will help you filter out the type of styles you need among the hundreds of options available in the market.

Formal blue and black prom suit ideas If it is a formal event and you don’t want to take risks you can choose to go with the standard styling of the blue and black mens suits. For example you can go with the blue black tuxedo suit outfit if you receive an invitation with the black tie attire. Ideally for the black tie events, people are expected to wear black tuxedo which you can pair with appropriate combining garments. But remember that most people would opt for this obvious styling. Thus if you like to stand out with your prom outfit then you can go with the midnight blue tuxedo or a navy tuxedo. You can style this tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. Another option would be to style the midnight blue tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. You can complete this blue and black dinner suit look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes.

Semi formal blue and black prom suit ideas There are some events that come with the black tie optional dress codes. When it comes to this dress code you can choose to go with either the tuxedo or the suit. If you are a person who loves to dress up but tuxedo is not just your cup of tea then you can choose to go with the suits since these are also allowed.

For these types of events some people would come dressed in tuxedos while some may opt to go with the suits. If you are the one going with the suits you should make sure to look the absolute best since you have the tuxedo guys to compete. One advantage with the suits is that you have more flexibility with the styling and thus you can add some elements that showcase your personality.

For a cool and sophisticated style you can go with the blue black designer suit look. The designer suit might be expensive but they sure can compete with the tuxedo. Other than this you can also go with the royal blue and black suit instead of the dark shaded blue suits. Also another advantage with the blue and black prom suit when compared with the tuxedo is that you can style them for various purposes in the future. For example you can use this suit for the first day at your work or you can also use it as a blue and black wedding suit.

The blue and black prom suit would also alter according to the garments that they are combined with and thus it would be a better versatile style when compared with others. Casual blue and black prom suit ideas When you attend an event with the casual dress codes sky is the limit for your outfit options. Instead of the solid blue and black casual suit you can choose to go with the ones with patterns. Blue and black check suit and striped suits are some of the most popular choices when it comes to patterned suits. For a louder and attention grabbing style you can go with the blue and black plaid suit. There are different styles in plaid like the windowpane suits or the gingham suits and you can choose the one that suit you the best. On the other hand when you want a chic and cool style you can go with blue and black floral suits. If you are still not used with the full patterned suit styles then you can go with the patterned blue and black suit jacket alone.