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Mens Red And Gold Prom Suits

Selecting the right suit for the prom can be a tiring job, especially with the enormous number of styles present. While you can always go with the usual choices like navy or grey suits, why choose the one that everyone chooses? Why not try something different? If you are one among the people who wants to go with a new style then you should be choosing red and gold prom suit. In this article, we will discuss more on the styles of the mens red and gold prom suits and some ideas of styling them.

Floral Blazer Before selecting the suit, you need to think about the type of prom event that you are attending. Prom can be a serious or fun affair. It depends on the host which in most cases is the educational institution. Nowadays proms are mostly casual events with relaxed dress codes. Hence it would be better if you take a look at the invitation and note any dress codes present. This will help you find the right style of the prom suits which would look appropriate for the said event. For example, if the prom is demanding a serious dress code, you can choose the red and gold prom formal suits or go with the standard colors instead. But if it is a more casual event then you can try out various styles without much restriction.

Once you have decided on the look of the suit then you can start searching for the style using the red and gold prom suit near me phrase. This would get you the list of the sites that have the red and gold prom suit on saleand then you can start to filter out the ones that match your need.

Another important deciding factor is the budget. You need to find the optimum price range which you are comfortable spending on the prom suit. Some people would want the most expensive red and gold prom suits but in most cases, people want to choose the low cost red and gold prom suits. Whichever is the case, take the time to find the impressive styles and then compare the price with other sites. This will help you find the best quality red and gold prom suits at the best price. In our site, we have variety of styles and we also have red and gold prom suit on discounts.

Red is a bold choice and hence people tend to avoid it when it comes to clothing. But red seems to be this season's favorite choice for both men and women and what better event than prom to showcase the trending styles? If you haven't tried out the bold styles but you have taken the courage to try it out now then you might have some reservations about the styling. Finding the right combining garments that look the best with the red and gold suit is the most important factor of the outfit. For this, you can take inspiration from our celebrities since these are garments designed by the world's top designers. Here are some of the red and gold suit outfit ideas of the celebrities and similar styles that are worth noting.

The Weeknd

Though it has been a year, we just cannot help fawn over the second when Weeknd walked over to that Superbowl Halftime show in the red and gold suit. Though it wasn't technically a suit and rather a blazer it deserves a mention. If you are a fan of the flashy styles then you should love his costume for the event.

The Weeknd was spotted wearing a Givenchy costume which consisted of a stylish red and gold suit jacket hand embroidered with crystals that was paired with a black dress shirt, black tie and a pair of black dress pants. The particular suit jacket is said to have taken about 250 hours to complete. Though this might seem like a simple ensemble for the halftime performance, the singer highlighted the designer red and gold suit jacket by choosing all black combining garments with even the black gloves. If you are looking for a style that can turn heads, you can choose this style of the outfits. Pair the unique red and gold suit with subtle and neutral combining garments for the outfit to have the maximum effect.


When it comes to bold styles, we cannot finish an article without mentioning BTS. The world's biggest boyband has touched all the heights of fashion and red suit is no exception. You can take some stylish inspirations from the boyband while choosing the attire for the prom event.

Red Tuxedo For example, if you like an eye catching style then you can choose the luxurious red and gold slim fit suit look that Suga wore for his See Saw performance. The dark red suit with the sequins was a great choice for the single performance since it perfectly highlighted the singer while he delivered the passionate performance.

If you want a more stylish and trending look then you can choose the red suit that Jhope wore for his solo performance. The dancer/rapper has quite a reputation for his fashion sense. For this performance, he looked fabulous in the three piece modern red and gold prom suitwhich he wore without a shirt. The suit jacket was single breasted while the vest was double breasted. He completed the look with a pair of black leather casual boots and black sunglasses.

For a more subtle style, you can choose the outfit that Jin wore for the award events. For this event, the eldest of the group was seen rocking a branded red and gold prom suit with a black dress shirt. He completed the look with a pair of black leather loafers. If you are looking for subtle yet captivating styles for the prom event then this particular outfit should be your choice. Make sure that you choose the right fit that properly complements your body type before making the choice.