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Men's Burgundy Prom Suits

Every year fashion shows happen and new styles come into the market. We see the models strutting in the eye catching clothes and we of course admire them. But only some enter into the actual market and very few stay. Though the couture weeks are over one such style seems to have taken a permanent place in mens wardrobe and has captured quite a number of hearts. We are talking about the burgundy prom suits and how they seem to have become the favorite for almost all celebrities at this point. Most think that it might be a hard style to pull off but with the right directions you can even wear it to your regular office day.

If you have watched the award ceremonies or any of the important shows that has happened over the span of the two to three years you might have already looked at all kinds of the burgundy prom Men's suits – in every shade, pattern and style. The burgundy color is quite literally celebrated now by the Hollywood celebrities and the fashion designers are also equally smitten. So what about the burgundy prom Men's suits have made it a star among the people who are already used to the bling of the clothes?

The answer is very simple. With men’s fashion the main goal is to look dressed up without looking like you have made too much of an effort. The clothes that you wear should not be too much or too simple – just perfect. Burgundy is the definition of perfection when it comes to the shade. Men obviously stay away from red clothes reasoning that they are too bright and stick with the darker shades like navy and charcoal. But what if there is a color that gives you a dressy look like that of red clothes but also would look appropriate with the dark shade? That is burgundy for you. People who are not good with trying out new shades also can easily pull off the burgundy prom suits look.

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Thus the shade of the burgundy prom suits mens matter the most and thus you should be careful while selecting it. You would have seen different shades of burgundy men’s dress suits that has been rocked by the celebrities and also the different look that it offers. Thus depending on the event for which you are dressing and also your taste you can choose the shade of the burgundy prom Men's suits. For the beginners and the ones who are thinking of styling the suit for a business event it would be great if you go with the dark shades of the burgundy suits. But if it is for casual use you can try the brighter shades of the burgundy prom Men's suits.

The styling matters a lot with the burgundy prom Men's suits and we understand if you are quite confused with it. Burgundy is relatively a new trend and thus you might find it hard to adapt to. Thus we have compiled some of the burgundy prom Men's suit outfit ideas which might help you gain an idea of what you can achieve with the garment.

Formal look

Burgundy has also become a quite popular color when it comes to the formal events where you need to dress up. Eventually you are going to be bored of the black tuxedos and when you want to try something new we would recommend you to go with the burgundy dinner prom suits.The dark shade of burgundy would look appropriate for any formal event and you can pair them with appropriate combining garments like white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie. To match the look of the tie you can add a pair of black patent leather dress shoes.

If you are the groom and going with a semi formal ceremony then burgundy suit might be a good option for you. Most of your guests are going to turn up wearing navy suits and charcoal suits. Thus when you go with the burgundy prom suit look it would make you stand out. Instead of the usual two piece suit look go with the burgundy prom 3piece suit look which would make you the center of attention for the event. You can pair the burgundy prom formal suit with a white dress shirt, burgundy horizontal striped tie and a beige vest.

Semi formal look

For a special day at office or a presentation you might be tempted to go with something other than the usual navy suit look. In that case you can style the Burgundy slimfit prom suits since it gives you a cool look. Do not overdo the look too much and keep it simple and casual. For example you can steal Topher Grace’s burgundy prom Men's suit look when he attended the talk show. He paired a mens prom suit burgundy with a ivory dress shirt and a blue grey tie. He completed the look by adding with the outfit a pair of blue socks and black suede formal shoes.

If you are ready for a more casual look that would get you through a summer day at office you can style the Burgundy fitted prom suit with a white polo and a pair of white canvas high top sneakers. To finish off this look in style like Rami Malek did you can add a pair of black sunglasses.

Casual look

There is a lot of potential for the burgundy prom suits to be styled casually and it depends on the event. For a party where you like to look dressed up you can go with burgundy prom velvet suit or silk suit burgundy floral prom and pair it with simple combining garments. Black also pairs well with burgundy and you can utilise the look. A burgundy suit jacket prom paired with a black silk dress shirt and black skinny pants is a cool look. You can complete this burgundy prom black suit look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.