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Mens Burgundy And Gold Prom Suits

With the holiday season nearing the thoughts of the festivals and parties might have started to creep into everyone’s minds. While parties are always fun dressing up for it doesn’t necessarily mean the same for most men. Browsing the wardrobe and finding the right style is still a struggle for most men and you don’t want to get them started on the shopping. To make things easier for you we have brought you a suggestion – burgundy and gold prom suit. Burgundy is already the favoritecolor of the season and what is a festive season without some sparkles and thus the gold. Read the article further to know why we consider the burgundy and gold suit mens to be a possible hit of this season.

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Usually when it comes to men most would shy away from the bright colors and are content with sticking to the navy and grey. But if you have observed the trend for now you would have noted that the colors are starting to take a footing in mens fashion. Burgundy suits are the best example to this claim since there was at least a person wearing burgundy suits in every occasion that happened last year. The reason why burgundy is greatly favored is because of the fact it is neither too bright or too boring making it the perfect middle of the road look. People who are still afraid of going with the red suits can be content with the Burgundy suits. Now with the pandemic confining us to our homes to the better part of the 2 years, this festive season hopefully we would be able to return to normal. And people who are back to partying after two years of solo parties and worse yet virtual parties would definitely not mind looking a little flashier than the navy suits and grey suits. Thus in our perspective there is no better choice than a prom burgundy and gold suit for this party season. Get a little crazy with your outfit styles for this festive season.

Now when it comes to burgundy and gold mens suits we are not pushing you to go with the Disney versions of these two tone suits. Even a minimal amount of gold in the suit style in the form of tie or pocket square would still make it Burgundy and gold prom suit style. Thus the subtle readers do not need to worry too much and take it slow with your pace. Styling of the burgundy suits depends on the combining garments and thus choose it with care.

Burgundy Suit Firstly decide on the style that you are going with. For example if you are a subtle dresser and would like to remain on the safer side then you can choose to add smaller gold combining garments like a gold colored tie or a gold colored pocket square. This might help you to still have the combination while confidently rocking the style. You can also go with the patterned styles of the burgundy and gold suit jackets. For example burgundy jacket with gold Paisley pattern makes it a great style to work with.

But if you are quite alright with the flashy styles then you can increase the inclusion of gold in the outfit by adding even a gold colored shirt. It all depends on your preference and the nature of the event you are attending. For example if you are attending a formal wedding then you might want to go with the subtle additions while for a casual cocktail party you can go mad with your outfit style. Here are some of the Burgundy and gold prom suit ideas which we think might help you figure out your style.

For an easy outfit you can style the Burgundy and gold formal suit with a light blue dress shirt. To go with tie or no tie is your choice and this can depend on the event. You might be surprised on how well this outfit comes together when you add a pair of black leather Oxford shoes or black leather loafers to it. For a more sophisticated and classy look you can style the double breasted burgundy and gold prom dress suit with a white dress shirt and gold striped tie. You can finish off this elegant look by adding with the outfit tobacco leather monks. This light brown shoes pair well with the gold combining garments making it the most preferred style for the outfit.

Party Suit As for the smart casual styles you can style the Burgundy suit and gold jackets with different combining garments instead of going with the full suit style. For example the burgundy and gold prom suit jacket paired with a black dress shirt, black skinny pants and a gold colored pocket square would definitely be a cool look for a laid back party atmosphere. Black leather Chelsea boots would be a cool way to finish off this bad ass outfit. Instead of the solid suit jacket style as we have mentioned before you can also go with the patterned styles. For example the floral burgundy and gold prom jacket paired with black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans would be a cool style. For a more sophisticated look you can style the paisley burgundy and gold prom blazer with the white dress shirt and black dress pants.

Whichever the style of gold and burgundy prom suits you are going with one common factor remains. The fit of the garment should be perfect in all sense so that it looks great on you. Custom made burgundy and gold prom suits are usually recommended but if you find the price to be too high you can choose off the rack suits. Slim fit suit burgundy and gold prom would be a great choice for most people. But if you want a versatile style then modern fit Burgundy and gold prom suit would be a cool look.