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Men's Prom Suit Jackets

Bored of the full suited look that you wear daily to office? Want to try something new that isn't too uptight and would help you have fun with the choosing? Prom suit jackets are our pick since there is a lot you can do with the style to make it work in different ways. Usually when people start out with suits they tend to stick with the full suit style since they think that breaking the suit and combining it with other garments need some expertise which they aren't ready for. But styling a prom suit jacket need not be too hard like you make it to be. We have brought you some tips which might make the mens suit jacket prom and acquirable style for you.

Prom Tuxedo Suits are an integral part of every man's wardrobe but when you are ready to tap into the potential of breaking the suit then they can be much more useful than they are now for you. The versatility of the prom suit jacket is unparalleled when you learn to pair it with different bottoms and layers. You don't even have to worry too much about the styling aspect since we have got you covered. Styling the suit jackets is easy when you get to know some basics and we are here to let you know all about it.

When styling the prom suit jacket it most men would go down the smart casual route. The smart casual styling of the suit jackets would be a great choice for a regular office day or simple work events. Instead of sticking to the usual suit styles going with the prom suit jacket would be like a break into the better wardrobe except that you can make it happen with your existing wardrobe. This would also make styling the work garments interesting and fun. Now going into the styling here are some tips which might make your prom suit Jacket outfit a success.

First of all the prom suit jacket that you choose to pair with other garments should fulfil some of the requirements for the outfit to work seamlessly. The fit of the prom suit jacket is the most important thing since an ill fitting jacket however costly it might be will totally ruin the look of the outfit. prom Slimfit suit jackets are usually recommended since they fit a person snugly but there are also other fits. To find whether the suit jacket fits you perfectly you can check the following factors.

1 Button Tuxedo
  • The shoulders of the suit jackets should never be square and stick beyond your natural shoulders. If the shoulders of the jacket extend beyond your shoulders then it is time to go with a smaller size.

  • The sleeves of the prom suit jacket you choose should not extend below your wrist and into the palms. They should be atleast half an inch shorter then the sleeves of the dress shirt.

    The middle section of the jacket when buttoned should not show any creases and if it does it means it is too small for you.

    A nicely fitted slim prom suit jacket would contour around your body without restricting your movements. To find the right fit you can take your measurements with a tailor and then choose the fit from the prom suit jackets sale in the online sites or you can purchase offline.

Styling of the prom suit jacket

The first and foremost recommendation from us while styling the prom suit jacket is to pair it with jeans. Go with the nicely fitting jeans and not the baggy or the ripped jeans since they do not pair well with the suit jackets. When you get that rule down you can go wild with the styling afterwards.

You can pick your denim depending on the look that you expect to attain. For example people who are starting out with the smart casual look might want to go with the subtler choices and in that case indigo denim is the no brainer choice. You can pair it with almost any colored outfit and it would give you a great look. Black jeans would also be a good pick when you are looking for a standard look. It would be best to avoid pairing the prom suit jacket with the same colored or similar colored jeans – like prom black suit jacket with a pair of black jeans. Stick with the contrasting colored outfits since it is easier to pull off.

Our next recommendation is to pair the prom suit jacket with the chinos. While the suit jacket with jeans would work for any season suit jacket with chinos is considered to be a more formal look and is recommended for the summer season. To start with the look you can go with the fool proof style of pairing the navy blue vested suit jacket with a light blue dress shirt and beige chinos. A pair of black leather loafers would give a perfect finish but if you are aiming for a more casual style then leave out the vest and instead of black loafers you can go with light grey canvas low top sneakers. For a more dressed up look you can borrow Eddie Redmayne's look from the event he attended in London. Here he wore a light grey textured jacket with a white dress shirt, black tie and a pair of black chinos. He completed the look by adding with the prom suit Jacket outfit a pair of beige canvas low top sneakers.

This is a rare style and is considered to be the most casual but you can also pair the mens prom suit jackets with shorts. No we do not mean the casual shirts that you wear with the t-shirts. suit jackets must be paired with dress shorts that fit snugly to your thighs. Make sure that the fit is right since the casual shorts can easily mess up the look.