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Mens Black And White Prom Suits

If you aren’t aware already black suits are back. Most people who do not keep regular tabs on the fashion world might wonder what it means since most consider black suits to be an integral part of menswear. But even the most famous sometimes get a bad reputation. Black and white prom suitsfor a long time now are boycotted especially by the younger generation who think that it is too basic. We agree that black and white prom suit style is basic but this is what makes the look iconic. It is also the possible reason why the black suit has remained to be a popular pick by men of all over the world.

3 Piece  Suit Though there are still people who consider the black and white suit style to be dying we are here to inform you that the same conversation have been going on for decades but black and white suit has remained a constant. Thus our recommendation for you is instead of hating the basic style you can learn ways to utilize it to the best and make it your personal style. Choosing the right style depends on you and there are abundant of options that are available. You just have to go through them to find the one that suits you.

We have been talking about black and white prom suit styles and prom is only one among the many events where the black and white suit look would work. You can style the suit for the weddings or any formal events since the style is the most standard one and would suit most atmospheres. Thus black and white prom suit is going to be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. If you are looking for a style that would perfectly suit you for the prom event then the first choice that should come in your mind is the black and white suit mens.

As we have mentioned before there is a lot you can achieve with the styling of the black and white prom suit. Firstly decide on the look that you want and then choose the combining garments according to it. Since it is a neutral color black offers the perfect canvas and thus choosing the right combining garments matters the most. If you observe the nature of the event then you would get a rough idea of what would work. Once you decide on that you can refer through the various styles available to make your pick.

Black and white suit is a common style but one that is constantly worn for the formal ceremonies. Where there is celebration there are celebrities. Thus when looking for style inspiration we would recommend you to check some of the celebrity styles since it would give you an idea of the trending looks and some of the innovative ways in which you can style the standard black suit.

Tuxedo Suit Dominic Cooper’s formal style

For example if the prom is a formal event then you might be wanting to go with an appropriate style. Usually black tuxedos are recommended but if you are not a great fan of the tuxedo look then a well fitted black and white formal suit would work. For visual example you can refer to the shawl lapel prom black and white suit that the Mama Mia star wore to the golden globe awards. He paired the Burberry designer black suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie. He completed the look with a pair of polished black formal dress shoes. This is the most standard and easiest look you can get from the black suit and it is the best for the formal events.

When you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd you can make subtle changes to the outfit. For example instead of the solid black tie you can go with the striped skinny tie and a matching pocket square. If the event’s dress codes are lenient enough you can even choose to leave out the tie.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s all black suit look

Now if the event is more on the casual side and you can opt for dressier and contemporary looks then you can swap the white dress shirt with a satin black dress shirt. This definitely is one of the style favorites of most men since it provides the wearer with a sleek and sophisticated look. Instead of the dress shirt you can also opt to style the all black and white prom suit with a casual long sleeve shirt and then let the top two buttons to show some skin as Gyllenhaal does. Go with a more casual type of footwear like a pair of black leather monk strap shoes or such.

Casual black and white suit look

Striped Suit While these are some of the most common styles of the black and white prom suits you can also style them with the casual combining garments. For example if you are attending a winter wedding then you can choose to style the black and white coat suit with a white turtleneck. This way you can keep warm through the event while also looking stylish. As for the summer events you can go with the laid back look of the black and white prom suits. For example for a beach party we wouldn’t normally recommend black and white suit style but if the need arises make some effort to tone down the seriousness of the look. Instead of going with the black suit with white dress shirt look you can choose to style it with a white crew neck t-shirt or even a casual long sleeve linen shirt.Yoh can also try patterned choices like black and white checkered suits or black and white plaid suits when you want to add personality to the standard look. Whichever the style you choose make sure that the fit is done properly. Black and white slim fit suits are the ones that are usually recommended.