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Mens Lavender Suits

Lavender in itself can easily be classified as a women’s color but if you know better, you might notice that it has become one of trending colors in mens fashion. With the summer nearing, it is time to update the summer wardrobe and lavender suits are one of the best choices for the same. The light color of the suit will perfectly match the summer vibe and deliver a flawless outfit for the season. In this article we will further discuss about the mens lavender prom suits and the different ways in which you can style the same.

Purple for a long time was a color that was reserved for the royals since it was quite hard to extract the dye and the purple garments costly. But now purple is everyone’s colorand you can easily get the garments. If you have been following the fashion updates then you might know that the pastel colors are becoming widely popular among both men and women. Lavender is one among these colors that have gained widespread fan following. The lavender suit can provide a cool and relaxed look for the wearer and thus are mostly recommended for the semi formal and casual events.

You might already know that most bold fashion trends start from having a celebrity taking the lead to confidently rock the style. In the case of lavender suit style, we properly don’t know where it all started but the frenzy has started. There are a lot of celebrities now who just love to go with the lavender suit style. If you are planning on trying out the lavender prom classic suit style for this season then here are some outfit ideas of the celebrities that you should know about.

John Legend

The “All of me” singer is known to rock the bold styles without much of an effort and he did the same with the stylish lavender prom suit.For the 2019 summer, the singer delivered a classy and fun style that every man should take note of. For the Quay x Chrissy Teigan launch that he attended, the singer/actor was seen wearing a lavender prom slim fit suit which he paired with a multi color print long sleeve shirt. The casual shirt was the only combining garments to be chosen with the suit since the singer left out other accessories like the tie, pocket square, watch and more. The understated yet elegant outfit was further given style by the addition of grey leather low top sneakers.

Lavender Suit The summer friendly look was delivered in the perfect way. For people who avoid linen because of the creases, you can take note of how John Legend beautifully owned the creases in the suit. When you choose the right fabric with the right style, the resulting look would be impressive.

ASAP Rocky

If you are a fan of the dandy and street style look then you would love the A$AP Rocky’s airport outfit. The singer was spotted in the airport wearing a lavender prom formal suit with a beige dress shirt, yellow tie and a pair of baggy blue chinos. Now this is an outfit that most people wouldn’t dare repeat since it is one of the boldest looks till date. But if you love a good challenge do not forget to add with it a pair of black leather penny loafers, black sunglasses and the yellow with white branded handbag.

Lakeith Stanfield

If you are free spirited like lakeith then you might find the whole formal lavender suit style boring. You can take a chance and go with mix and match styles like Lakeith does.

For the premiere of his film, the actor was seen wearing a lavender print shirt and a matching pair of lavender print pants. He added with the outfit a tan trench coat, tan baseball cap and a pair of tan casual boots. The contrast between the lavender outfit and the tan accessories makes the outfit noteworthy. If you want to choose the similar style then the key is to not think too much and go with the desired look.


We have to admit that it is hard to dress like Timotheechalamet since the actor seems to have the superpower of looking good in anything he wears. It is not new for the celebrities to take risks on the red carpets but no one has achieved constant success like Timothee does. For an red carpet event that he attended, the Dune actor was seen wearing a silk designer lavender suit which he paired with a matching silk lavender dress shirt like garment. He accentuated his skinny figure by the addition of the lavender silk belt type cummerbund. Add with it a perfectly styled messy hair, a pair of black leather zip up boots and a startlingly pretty face – you have the best outfit for the day.

If you love Timothee‘s fashion sense, the key would be to keep it simple. For most of the events that he attends, he chooses the bold color suits but pairs it with simple combining garments. Hence if you want a similar style then pair the lavender prom casual suit with a white dress shirt or a black dress shirt so that the suit becomes the main element of the outfit.

To find the stylish lavender prom suit that matches your requirements, the best way is to search the web using relatable phrases like lavender prom suit near me and more. Check out the various sites that have the lavender prom suit on sale and then filter out the styles that actually match your taste. The next step would be to find the best quality lavender prom suit that is available at an affordable rate. You can go with the most expensive lavender prom suit or the lavender prom low cost suit all from a click of your device. Make sure that you select the right fit of the suit before you order it.