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80s prom tuxedo

The 80s were the time of pretty wild styles including big clothes and bigger hair. With the boom in the area of the electronic music the teens were at their prime time. This might be one of the reasons why still a lot of parties and proms in the 80s theme. Now when it comes to 80s prom theme you might be wondering on what to wear. In that case read the article further since we are going to discuss here about the 80s prom fashion tuxedo and some of the outfit ideas for the 80s themed prom or parties.

Fashion prom Tuxedo As mentioned before 80s was a wild period with bold colored garments and fashion garments being in trend. The 70s was a time of elegant styles which soon changed to fashion statements being worn for tuxedos. When you decide on the outfit that you are going to wear to the party make sure the extent you are diving into the theme of the party or the event since there are various intensities of 80s tuxedo styles that you can choose from.

When it comes to prom, tuxedos are the safest choice since you might not need to overthink much on the outfit and simply follow the rules to deliver an impressive look. But the usual style of the classic black tuxedo paired with a white dress shirt and black bow tie might not work for the 80s style events. The tuxedo styles at that time were a little different and a lot bolder than the ones in recent times. Thus get ready to go all out with the 80s tuxedo style for the event when you need an authentic look for the fun evening.

In the 80s men did not shy away from the brighter colors and rocked them even with formal garments. Thus when you are going with the 80s prom tuxedo costume it might be a better choice to go with bright styles like white tuxedos or powder blue tuxedos rather than the usual black tuxedos and midnight blue tuxedos option. You can pair these tuxedos with subtle combining garments like a white dress shirt and black tie when you need a simple yet effective look. You can add accessories like a matching cummerbund and white dress shoes but make sure that the bright colored tuxedo is the main attraction of the outfit. Other than this you can try out the other bright styles like violet three piece tuxedos or the pink tuxedos when you need a eye catching 80s prom tuxedo style. The rainbow stand out style tuxedo is also an option when you want to be the focal point of the event that you are attending.

While the bright colors of the tuxedos were one defining point of the 80s tuxedo fashion another one detail that you can add is the ruffled tuxedo shirt. Though this style is almost non existent now adding this detail to your 80s tuxedo prom outfit will be sure to deliver the point. Going with the vintage tuxedo rentals and costume shops might help you get your hands on these 80s prom tuxedo style without much of a hassle.

As for the styling of the mens 80s tuxedo costume decide on the one that you will feel comfortable to wear. For example if you are a standard dresser then you might feel uncomfortable to be dressed in a bright colored tuxedo like pink tuxedos. In this case you can go with the subtle detailing for your 80s tuxedo. For example you can simply go with the classic black tuxedo and then pair it with a heavily ruffled white 80s tuxedo shirt, red cummerbund and a dark red tie. For a little more detailed look you can also opt for the velvet black tuxedo and complete it with a pair of black patent tuxedo shoes. For an enhanced look you can browse the 80s hairstyle and choose the one that would be possible with your hair.

For the bright look of the 80s tuxedo fashion you can go with a violet tuxedo and pair it with matching combining garments. The matching tuxedo look was in trend during the 80s and you can easily recreate the look if you are a bold dresser. A violet three piece tuxedo complete with a vest paired with a violet ruffled tuxedo shirt and an oversized violet bow tie is a authentic 80s prom tuxedo look. Don't forget to complete with a pair of violet patent dress shoes. In the same way a rose gold tuxedo paired with a white ruffled dress shirt with ruffles in the cuffs and rose gold bow tie is a great look. The oversized bow tie and high hat with this tuxedo style might be a funky addition for the 80s prom tuxedo style. Other than this you can also try out the light colored tuxedos like light green tuxedos and powder blue tuxedos which might be a little easier to style. If possible add a matching color hat and a matching cane with the 80s prom tuxedo costume you are going with.

The fit of the 80s prom tuxedo is also an important thing to note. For a proper style you can go with the cutting edge tuxedo style with the tuxedo jacket reaching the waist length. A black tuxedo paired with a black and blue ruffled tuxedo shirt and black bow tie is a great look. You can complete the look with matching blue cummerbund and blue patent tuxedo shoes. Other than this for a funky 80s prom tuxedo style you can replace the formal tuxedo shoes with a pair of trendy 80s basketball sneakers or cowboy boots. Other than these you can add a matching wayfarer sunglasses and a light makeup to properly imitate the 80s prom tuxedo fashion for the event you are attending. Also make sure to style the hair since it is one of the details that catch the people's attention.

80s prom tuxedos was the audacious departure from the traditional black and white palette. Embracing the vibrancy of the decade, men ventured into a spectrum of hues that rivaled the colors of a neon-lit cityscape. Pastels, often associated with the sun-soaked beaches of Miami Vice, became a popular choice, with shades of pink, mint green, lavender, and baby blue dominating the prom scene. These unconventional colors, often rendered in shiny or satin fabrics, transformed the classic tuxedo into a statement piece that radiated confidence and individuality.

The lapels of 80s prom tuxedos played a crucial role in defining their character. Peak lapels, with their pointed and upward-pointing tips, became a prominent feature, adding a sense of formality and elegance to the ensemble. Shawl lapels, with their rounded, continuous curve, offered a more relaxed and contemporary alternative. The lapels, often adorned with contrasting colors or satin trim, became a focal point that drew attention to the bold choices made by wearers of 80s prom tuxedos.

Patterns and prints, another hallmark of 80s fashion, found expression in prom tuxedos. Bold geometric patterns, stripes, and checks became fashionable choices, adding a playful and energetic element to formalwear. Animal prints, inspired by the flamboyance of rock and pop culture, made a daring appearance, showcasing the willingness of wearers to push the boundaries of conventional style. The 80s prom tuxedo became a canvas for creative expression, inviting men to embrace patterns that reflected their personality and the spirit of the times. 80s prom became a playground of fashion experimentation and self-expression. The tuxedo, once a symbol of formal tradition, became a vehicle for youthful exuberance and a rejection of sartorial norms. The 80s prom tuxedo was not merely an ensemble; it was a celebration of youth, music, and a cultural zeitgeist that embraced bold choices and unabashed individuality.

Rental services for 80s prom tuxedos offer a gateway to the vibrant and eclectic styles of the era without the commitment of a permanent purchase. These rental options allow individuals to channel the spirit of the 80s for a special occasion, embracing the flamboyance and glamour associated with the decade. The availability of rental services ensures accessibility to these bold and distinctive ensembles, providing a convenient avenue for prom-goers to explore the extravagance of 80s formalwear.

Culturally, the 80s prom tuxedo reflects the influence of music, movies, and pop culture of the time. The emergence of new wave, synth-pop, and glam rock genres had a profound impact on fashion, inspiring individuals to embrace bold and unconventional styles.